Tanessa Shears, Becoming Limitless through Optimising Sleep – Innova.Buzz 569

Tanessa Shears talks to me about the impact of sleep and brain fog on entrepreneurs. We covered Why sleep is essential for memory and should a health priority; strategies to optimize sleep that can be applied to both adults and babies; that Brain fog can be a sign of lack of sleep and can have a negative effect on our productivity and energy levels. With the right strategies, entrepreneurs can eliminate brain fog and make the most of their lives.


Kim Rozdeba, Customer Obsession: What We Can Learn from Branding Queens – Innova.Buzz 568

Kim Rozdeba talks to me on the InnovaBuzz Podcast about how brands are an important part of our culture, and can survive for thousands of years; why brands are about how they make customers feel, not what they say or do; why successful brands are customer-obsessed, and strive to make something bigger and better.


Lynn Whitbeck, Sales is about Building Realtionships with Worthy Intent – Innova.Buzz 567

Lynn Whitbeck, the founder and CEO of Petite to Queen and host of the top podcast Claim Your Career Crown, talks to Jürgen Strauss on the Innova.Buzz Podcast about sales being all about building relationships and adding value. Lynn emphasizes the importance of having worthy intent and curiosity when approaching sales, and being open to the possibility of referring clients to competitors if they are a better fit.


Nanxi Liu, Building Team Culture by Bringing Out Everyone’s Best – Innova.Buzz 566

Nanxi Liu joins me on this episode of the Innova.Buzz Podcast. Key takeaways: 1) Culture is reflective of the people in leadership and should be intentional about setting out the right culture. 2) It is important to be authentic and reflective of who you are as a leader in order to create a successful culture. 3) Early days of chaos can be transformed into a more wholesome experience.


Mark Herschberg, Maximizing the Impact of Your Content – Innova.Buzz 565

Mark Herschberg, creator of the Brain Bump app chats with me about how his Brain Bump app is beneficial for both content creators and consumers, as it helps to build brands for creators and keep key information top of mind for consumers; how content producers can benefit from the ability to access content on demand, allowing them to create content that is evergreen, meaning it is always relevant and will never become outdated; and why repurposing knowledge for context is a great way to make sure that the content is more valuable to the target audience.


Enelin Toneva, Working from Anywhere and Building Remote Teams – Innova.Buzz 564

Enelin Toneva, CEO and Founder of Digitarial Agency talks to me about the benefits of remote work, building a strong culture in remote teams and the importance of exploring new cultures and ideas to foster innovation and success.


Irina Poddubnaia, Unlocking the Power of Customer Journeys – Innova.Buzz 563

Irina Poddubnaia, the founder and CEO of TrackMage, speaks to me about how to focus on getting extra sales from existing customers, rather than just chasing new customers; how to provide an amazing customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and when is the best time to ask for a review.


Dr. Barbara Doran, Reawakening your Creative Spark – Innova.Buzz 562

Dr. Barbara Doran, a creativity consultant from Sydney, Australia shares how she applies creativity and innovation to global challenges. We discussed how creativity and art are not the same thing, and how creativity is actually an intrinsic trait of being alive. Lastly, we discussed how to awaken the creative spark inside and tap into our creativity by using all our senses.


Tyler Foley, Reframing Public Speaking: Embrace Your Expertise and Inspire Your Audience – Innova.Buzz 561

Tyler Foley, speaker and author of The Power to Speak Naked, joins me on the [Innova.Buzz](http://Innova.Buzz) Podcast to share inspiring tips on how to embrace public speaking and use it to spread your message. We discuss the importance of reframing our approach to public speaking to focus on what we can give the audience rather than worrying about how we will be perceived; how the audience is on our side, as they are there to learn from us, and they are expecting us to do well; identifying stories we can use to tell and how to tell them in an engaging way. Listen to the podcast to find out more about Tyler’s journey and the power of speaking naked.