Jürgen Strauss


Brian Bogert, Harnessing Personal Stories for Global Change – InnovaBuzz 629

Brian Bogert joins host Jürgen Strauss on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to explore how personal adversities can be transformed into powerful lessons for authentic living. Discover Brian’s strategies on embracing vulnerability as a source of strength, the critical role of mindset in overcoming challenges, and actionable tips for enhancing self-awareness and personal growth. Tune into Episode 629 to be inspired to live impactfully.


Scott Allan, Mastering Mindset and Creating Success – InnovaBuzz Episode 628

Scott Allan joins host Jürgen Strauss on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to share his transformation from a corporate professional to a global publishing leader. Discover how embracing continuous learning, cultivating resilience, and pursuing personal mastery have shaped Scott’s success. Dive into his insights on overcoming challenges and harnessing the power of writing to achieve personal and professional growth.


Tiago Faria, The DREAM Method: A Proven 5-Step Process for Podcast Guesting – Innova.buzz 627

Tiago Faria joins host Jürgen Strauss on the InnovaBuzz podcast to discuss the DREAM Method, his innovative 5-step process for podcast guesting. Learn how Tiago utilizes strategic networking and content recycling to significantly enhance marketing strategies and expand audience reach. Explore how podcast guesting can transform your business and increase your influence.


Larry Apke, Thriving in Uncertainty with Agility, Innovation, and Education – Innovabuzz 625

Larry Apke, a renowned VUCA consultant, agile coach, and founder of JobHackers, joins host Jürgen Strauss to explore thriving amidst uncertainty. Together, they delve into how agility, innovation, and education transform challenges into opportunities, highlighting the importance of creating a culture of change and safety for success. Gain profound insights from Larry on navigating today’s volatile world and learn about his impactful initiative in professional development through free Agile training.


Mark Stern, The Physical-Digital Connection: Creating Memorable Brand Experiences – Innova.buzz 624

Mark Stern joins host Jürgen Strauss on Innovabuzz podcast to explore innovative customer engagement strategies. Learn about the importance of intentionality in physical branding, enhancing digital experiences with tangible elements, and personalizing customer journeys for memorable brand experiences.


Anthony Nwaneri, Mastering Podcast Growth and Monetization – InnovaBuzz 623

Anthony Nwaneri joins host Jürgen Strauss to share innovative strategies for podcast growth and monetization on InnovaBuzz Episode 623. Key points include leveraging unique selling propositions, using AI for content creation, and effective monetization tactics beyond advertising.


Steve McCready, Rewrite Your Story, Change Your Life – Innova.buzz 622

Steve McCready joins host Jürgen Strauss to discuss how rewriting your personal narrative can lead to profound changes in both life and business. Discover strategies for embracing failure, the importance of self-reflection, and mind mapping as a tool for innovation. Join us to unlock your full potential by transforming your story with Steve McCready on InnovaBuzz 622.


Chris Hood, Beyond Technology: Customer-Centered Digital Innovation – Innova.buzz 621

Chris Hood joins host Jürgen Strauss to explore customer-centred digital innovation on Innovabuzz 621. They emphasize the significance of empathy over technology in enhancing customer engagement, the drawbacks of technology-first approaches, the crucial role of empathy in digital strategies, and innovative ways to fortify human connections through technology.