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Doug Howarth, Hypernomics Inc.

Our guest in this episode is Doug Howarth, a visionary economist redefining market dynamics with his innovative theory, Hypernomics. In a captivating conversation, Doug shares insights from his journey, illustrating how Hypernomics offers a fresh perspective on economic behavior and strategy. His stories, filled with wisdom and experience, shine a light on the intricate relationship between value, price, and consumer decision-making.

Key points discussed include:

  • Hypernomics as a New Economic Dimension: Doug challenges traditional economic models, introducing a multi-dimensional approach to understand market behavior.
  • Practical Applications Across Industries: From aerospace giants to local restaurants, Doug illustrates Hypernomics’ versatility in optimizing operations and strategies.
  • The Law of Value Demand: Central to Hypernomics, this law reveals the circular relationship between product features, value, and market dynamics.

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Show Notes from this episode with Doug Howarth, Hypernomics Inc

In the latest episode of Innova.Buzz, I had the distinct pleasure of conversing with Doug Howarth, a pioneer in the field of Hypernomics. This groundbreaking economic theory offers a multi-dimensional perspective on pricing and market behavior, challenging traditional supply-demand paradigms. As we unravel the intricacies of Hypernomics, join me with your favorite beverage for a journey into the world of economics like never before.

Understanding Hypernomics: A New Economic Dimension Hypernomics, a term coined by Doug, revolutionizes our understanding of market dynamics. It extends beyond the conventional supply-demand equation, adding layers of complexity to better comprehend consumer behavior and pricing strategies. This innovative approach marks a significant shift in economic thought, inviting us to explore the market through a more nuanced lens.

The Genesis of Hypernomics The birth of Hypernomics stems from a personal experience of Doug’s – the purchase of a washing machine. This seemingly mundane activity illuminated the multifaceted nature of economic decisions, emphasizing that factors beyond price and quantity significantly influence consumer choices. This revelation was the cornerstone in the development of Hypernomics.

Practical Applications: From Aerospace to Local Restaurants The versatility of Hypernomics is evident in its application across diverse sectors. From guiding strategic decisions at aerospace giants like Virgin Galactic and Lockheed Martin to optimizing operations for local restaurants, Hypernomics has proven its efficacy in various environments. These real-world applications underscore its adaptability and effectiveness in different market contexts.

The Law of Value Demand in Hypernomics At the core of Hypernomics lies the Law of Value Demand. This principle asserts that product features drive value, which in turn influences price, subsequently affecting the quantity sold. This interplay forms a circular relationship, offering a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. By focusing on this holistic view, Hypernomics provides a more accurate reflection of consumer behavior and market trends.

Hypernomics in Stock Market Analysis Hypernomics has also made significant strides in stock market analysis. By evaluating the collective opinion of the market, it has successfully identified undervalued stocks with greater precision than traditional models. This application highlights Hypernomics’ potential in offering more reliable predictions and insights in complex financial landscapes.

Challenges in Traditional Economic Models Traditional economic models often struggle to capture the intricacies of today’s markets. Hypernomics addresses these limitations by incorporating a wider array of factors that influence market behavior. This comprehensive approach rectifies the shortcomings of conventional models, making it more suited to contemporary economic scenarios.

Implementing Hypernomics in Business Strategy For businesses, Hypernomics is a valuable tool for strategic decision-making. It aids in determining optimal product features, pricing strategies, and market positioning. The theory’s practical implications extend from high-level corporate decisions to everyday business operations, demonstrating its broad applicability.

Future of Economics Hypernomics represents a significant leap forward in economic theory and practice. Its multi-dimensional approach provides a fresh, more accurate perspective on market dynamics, crucial for businesses and economies adapting to rapidly changing conditions. As we close this episode, remember that Hypernomics is not just a theoretical construct but a practical guide for navigating the complexities of the modern economic landscape.

Conclusion To delve deeper into the fascinating world of Hypernomics and hear more from Doug Howarth, tune into the full episode of Innova.Buzz. Doug’s insights are not only enlightening but also pivotal in shaping the future of economic thought and practice.

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The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Doug Howarth’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. No. 1 thing to be more innovative – Keep an open mind and don’t assume you know everything.
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Shed assumptions and start afresh, embracing the notion that you might not know anything.
  3. Favourite resource – Utilizes Google and Wikipedia for research, cross-checking facts with sources cited on Wikipedia.
  4. Keep project/client on track – Avoid letting projects get off track in the first place and redirect focus early if necessary.
  5. Differentiate – Think differently, observe trends, and create products that fill unoccupied spaces and meet customer needs.


For your ideas and initiatives, figure out what your customers want, that they don’t have and that they can afford. All three properties are critical.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Doug via email at, and find more information about him and his work on the Hypernomics website and on LinkedIn.

Suggested Guest

Doug suggested we have a conversation with Ryan Miller, host of the Making Billions Podcast and Ken Rutkowski, founder, president and host of KenRadio Broadcasting on a future InnovaBuzz Podcast episode.



Cool Things About Doug

  • Doug discovered the concept of Hypernomics while buying a washing machine, highlighting the everyday inspiration behind his innovative approach.
  • Doug Howarth holds the 1st patent for the theory of Hypernomics, showcasing his pioneering work in the field.
  • His approach has led to outperforming the S&P 500 for 44 consecutive months, proving the effectiveness of Hypernomics in stock market analysis.
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