Tatiana LaBello, Discovering Your Superpower and Taking Action – InnovaBuzz 556

Tatiana LaBello talks to me about the power of belief, supportive networks, and self-awareness in achieving success. She encourages readers to recognize and utilize their unique talents and gifts, and to reframe struggles and pain as a purpose.


Jody Glidden, How to Maximize Customer Retention and Growth – InnovaBuzz 555

Jody Glidden of Introhive talks to me about how Introhive uses data to help companies improve sales via relationships; why retention of existing customers should be every business’ number one priority; and how to supercharge outbound marketing.


Victoria Rader, Consistent Actions for Our Desired Outcome – InnovaBuzz 554

Victoria Rader, Possibility Coach and founder of YU2SHINE talks to me about the law of Kaizen Way – how tiny steps and increments done consistently, lead to huge results; shifting our mindset from things happening TO us to happening FOR us, then to happening THROUGH us, which is true empowerment; and focusing on our golden clients.

ChatGPT - Buzz Round

A Conversation with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the new large language model developed by OpenAl, has been making waves lately. I thought it would be cool to test it out, by asking it to answer the questions of The Buzz – Our Innovation Round from the InnovaBuzz Podcast.


Anieke Lamers, Building Meaningful Connections Across Geography, Borders and Timezones – InnovaBuzz 553

Anieke Lamers, of Peekabond talks to me about first making an impact with your idea, then building a sustainable business around that idea; why it’s important to focus on the process of getting results, to get results; and surrounding yourself with people who have diverse skills, personality and aligned values.


Ulli Appelbaum, How to Position Your Brand – InnovaBuzz 552

Ulli Appelbaum, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of First The Trousers Then The Shoes, talks to me about the definition of a brand as all the associations we have with a specific offering; strategy as the first step of defining a brand and our marketing; and strategic storytelling that engages customers.


Daniel Hill, Finding Comfort in Being Uncomfortable – InnovaBuzz 551

Daniel Hill, life coach, mentor and therapist, talked to me about finding comfort in uncomfortability of the present moment; creating stillness to bring clarity and a sense of being; and recognizing patterns keeping us stuck and changing them.


Carlos Diaz, The Creator Economy and Web 3.0 – InnovaBuzz 550

Carlos Diaz of talks to me about the Creator Economy where creators build community and add unique value to that community; how podcasters can engage their community of listeners as shareholders; and why intention is the “new attention”.


Matt Mueller, Simplifying Innovation through Mindfulness – InnovaBuzz 549

Matt Mueller, the Mindful Innovator talks to me about how we can simplify innovation through mindfulness; uncovering the real opportunity by listening and motivating others through a seatbelt moment – a visceral, emotional feeling.