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Brigitta Hoeferle, The Center of NLP.

Our guest in this episode is Brigitta Hoeferle, the CEO and Master Trainer at the Center for NLP. She is an enthusiastic and enjoyable coach, well-known for her expertise in human behavior and communication. Brigitta is a great leader and educator at heart, who guides other leaders strategically by sharing her knowledge and experiences.

Brigitta once climbed the German corporate ladder, but realized that she preferred being a business owner more than anything else. She built, established, and sold her own businesses. She learned from her mistakes, but even more than that, she learned from the process of building something new. Brigitta studied the patterns of success, which helped her to refine her coaching skills even more than earning two degrees.

In our conversation Brigitta shares her personal journey of continuous learning, self-reflection, and the power of affirmations. Discover how changing negative self-talk and beliefs can empower you to create a life filled with growth, confidence, and success.

Key takeaways:

  • Continuous learning and personal growth are essential for effective leadership and creating a positive impact;
  • Pay attention to your self-talk and challenge negative beliefs to shift your mindset and improve your communication with yourself and others;
  • Use affirmations and gather evidence to support positive beliefs, reshaping your identity and creating new opportunities for growth and success.

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Show Notes from this episode with Brigitta Hoeferle, The Center of NLP

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Importance of continuous learning and improvement
  • Modeling behavior
  • Understanding the impact of communication and NLP
  • The game-changing power of loving and appreciating clients and colleagues
  • Challenging the resistance to change and recognizing choices
  • Using journaling for evaluation and improvement – daily inventory
  • The importance of self-talk and overcoming fear of judgment
  • Affirmations and their influence on belief systems
  • Uncovering and challenging negative beliefs
  • The role of language in shaping identity
  • Reframing negative events and attributes
  • The shift in mindset for growth and improvement
  • Building new beliefs and evaluating their validity
  • Taking responsibility for communication
  • Self-reflection and confronting ignorance
  • Changing negative self-talk through awareness and appreciation
  • Digging deeper into beliefs and gathering evidence for positive beliefs.

Host Jürgen Strauss engages in a thought-provoking conversation with guest Brigitta Hoeferle. The episode revolves around the theme of continuous learning and personal growth, with Brigitta sharing valuable insights and experiences pertaining to communication, mindset, and self-reflection.

One of the main insights that Brigitta highlights is the importance of demonstrating continuous learning and improvement, even when in a teaching role. She recognizes that she’s sometimes modeling both good and bad behavior, acknowledging her own imperfections, and approaching her work with humility. Brigitta discusses how her understanding of communication and personal impact was revolutionized by the concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She realized that her communication is responsible for the response she receives, emphasizing the need to continually develop effective communication skills.

Reflecting on advice she received from a professor, Brigitta expresses regret for not journaling during the hard times. This realization led her to discover an app that prompts reflection on what worked well, barriers faced, and steps for improvement. By evaluating her experiences in this way, Brigitta actively seeks personal growth and strives to become a better leader.

Brigitta shares a transformative shift in her mindset regarding her approach to work. She discovered that loving and appreciating clients and colleagues can be a game-changer, instilling a positive and fulfilling dynamic within her professional relationships. Additionally, she is enthusiastic about the concept of “cute up all the leagues” and finds inspiration in the metaphor of a table.

The episode delves into the challenge of resistance to change, with Brigitta frequently encountering individuals who struggle with embracing change. To challenge the notion of not having a choice, she prompts listeners to question personal decisions, such as clothing choices, dinner options, and daily routines. This line of inquiry fosters an awareness of the abundance of choices available in various aspects of life.

Brigitta is regarded as a master of choice and shares her experiences and strategies for empowering individuals to embrace their agency. She encourages individuals to become aware of negative self-talk and write it down as an essential practice for personal growth. By paying attention to these negative thought patterns, Brigitta highlights the potential for transformation and growth.

The episode also explores the power of affirmations and their impact on shaping an individual’s belief system. Brigitta discusses the role of journaling, working with a coach or consultant, and seeking mentorship in uncovering negative belief systems. She emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the origin of these negative beliefs and challenging their validity.

Brigitta shares a personal anecdote about how a negative nickname from her sister affected her self-perception for an extended period. This experience inspired her to consciously change her self-perception by reframing and disassociating from the negative event. She emphasizes the significance of language and mindset in opening up possibilities for growth and improvement.

The episode concludes with Brigitta discussing the exercise of building a new belief using a “belief table.” By identifying moments or evidence that support a desired belief and writing them down as the “legs” of the table, individuals can strengthen their new belief. She encourages finding specific evidence to reinforce positive beliefs and suggests evaluating the validity of non-supportive beliefs through a similar process.

Throughout the conversation, Brigitta displays a high level of self-awareness and emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own communication and personal growth. She shares personal reflections on her past behavior, acknowledging that she was initially arrogant and full of herself. Understanding that she was the common denominator in her own problems led her to embrace self-reflection and embrace a path of continuous improvement.

In summary, the podcast episode is filled with valuable insights and experiences. Listeners are given a deeper understanding of the power of continuous learning, effective communication, mindset, and self-reflection. Brigitta Hoeferle’s experiences and advice serve as an inspiration for personal growth and transformation throughout the episode.

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The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Brigitta’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. 1 thing to be more innovative – Listen with your entire being, all of your senses.
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Listen to others, listen to myself, listen to my family. Always be learning and teach what you learn.
  3. Favourite resource – My husband! Meet really cool people that know interesting things.
  4. Keep project/client on track – Goal setting with intentional action; check-in; celebrate.
  5. Differentiate – Be themselves.


Take inventory of what works for you and do more of that. And when you’re becoming aware of something that you continue to do, but you either don’t like doing it or it’s not serving your results, then replace it with something that’s more beneficial to you.

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Suggested Guest

Brigitta suggested we have a conversation with Annie Gibbins, founder of Women’s Biz Global and with Johnnie Cass, COE of Brilliance Lab on future InnovaBuzz Podcast episodes.


Cool Things About Brigitta

  • Her husband proposed 3 weeks after they met …and she immediately said YES.
  • She bakes a mean Hefezopf (German sweet bread) – one of Jürgen’s favourite sweets!
  • She speaks a heavy southern German dialect (the same one as Jürgen!).
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