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Joey Coleman, Never Lose an Employee Again.

We welcome back to the InnovaBuzz Podcast, Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose a Customer Again and Never Lose an Employee again. Joey helps companies keep their customers and employees. Joey is a passionate advocate for enhancing customer and employee experiences. He encourages people to move beyond transactional interactions and create transformational connections. Joey believes in the power of going the extra mile to make personal and emotional connections, and offers tips and techniques to help others achieve this. His mission is to inspire people to think differently about the experiences they create for others.

In our conversation Joey shares valuable insights on enhancing employee experiences. Here are three key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Embrace the Power of AI: Joey reminds us that new technologies like AI have historically augmented rather than replaced human jobs. By welcoming these advancements, businesses can unlock opportunities for more humanity in work.
  • Implement a Buddy System: Joey highlights the importance of establishing a buddy program early in an employee’s journey. This simple yet impactful gesture fosters commitment, productivity, and retention, benefiting both junior employees and senior executives.
  • Create a Culture of Appreciation: By making employees feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, organizations can cultivate loyal, committed, and engaged teams. Celebrating milestones and valuing contributions goes a long way in creating a happy and fulfilling workplace.

By valuing employees and creating remarkable experiences, we can foster a work culture that is both inspiring and productive!

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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Show Notes from this episode with Joey Coleman, Never Lose an Employee Again

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Historical trends of technology predictions and the augmentation of human work by machines.
  • You can’t create remarkable customer experiences unless you have remarkable employees who are able to deliver those experiences.
  • The benefits of implementing buddy programs in organizations.
  • The importance of intentional experiences for new employees.
  • The challenge to send a one-minute video of appreciation to a valued employee.
  • The eight phases of the employee journey: assess, accept, affirm, activate, acclimate, accomplish, advocate.
  • Using the employee journey framework to improve customer experience.
  • The significance of caring for and recognizing employees.
  • Key takeaways for attracting and retaining employees, celebrating milestones, and applying the methodology to personal relationships.

Jürgen speaks with Joey Coleman about his expertise in customer experience and employee engagement, with a focus on creating human connection and experiences, moving beyond the transactional to the transformational.

One of the main talking points in this episode is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of work. Joey recounts a presentation he heard on the future of AI, where the audience got anxious about the idea of machines taking over human jobs. The presenter then showed a historical trend of similar predictions over the past century when new technologies were introduced. Contrary to the predictions, machines have not replaced humans but augmented their experience. Joey argues that AI and other technologies will follow the same pattern, providing opportunities for more humanity in work and other areas if people embrace them.

Joey suggests that the creation of intentional and impactful experiences for new employees is key to their success and assimilation into the company culture. He talks about the eight phases that employees go through when joining an organization, starting with the assess phase, where the employee is deciding whether or not to join the organization. The activate phase is the first day on the job, and creating a remarkable experience is key. The acclimate phase follows, where the organization should help the employee adjust to the company’s way of doing business and show them the ropes. The accomplish phase is when the employee achieves their goals and becomes loyal to the organization, leading to the advocate phase. Joey emphasizes that organizations often want to rush employees to become advocates, but it takes time to navigate through all eight phases and create a long-term engaged relationship.

Joey suggests that the best bosses are those who make their employees feel seen, heard and appreciated. Employees want to feel valued, and if employers make them feel this way, they will be loyal, committed and engaged. He believes that it is rare for employees to feel seen, heard and appreciated in today’s workplace, and so employers who can provide this will have happier employees.

Joey also talks about the benefits of a buddy system that employers can implement to increase commitment, productivity and retention in their employees. He gives examples such as Sun Microsystems, who implemented a buddy program resulting in higher productivity, engagement and promotion rates for participants, and Lego Corporation, which assigns a “brickmate” to new executives, even those who won’t start for months, to help them familiarize with the organization’s vision and goals. A buddy program can be beneficial for both junior employees starting their career and senior executives transitioning into new positions.

The episode covers a wide range of topics, such as applying the same framework used for customer experience to employee experience, the importance of celebrating milestones with employees, and the significance of caring for employees. Joey also touches upon some personal experiences he’s had with workshop participants, where he broke down the phases of dating using the methodology discussed in the workshop, prompting some female participants to offer to introduce a male participant to potential partners.

Overall, Joey provides valuable insights on improving customer experience and employee engagement and offers practical tips for implementing them within a company.

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Joey challenges listeners to make a one-minute video for the employee they value the most using their phone’s selfie mode. The employee is someone who has made significant contributions to the organization’s success and who the employer appreciates. The video should be sent immediately to the employee and not be watched by the sender. The employee will likely appreciate the creative gesture and feel seen and recognized for their efforts. This challenge is an opportunity to express gratitude and positively impact both the sender and the employee.

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Cool Things About Joey

  • Joey has spoken on all seven continents!
  • Joey enjoys playing board games, building LEGO sets, and reading bedtime stories with his amazing wife and two young sons.
  • He has jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane, raced along the Great Wall of China, juggled in front of the Taj Mahal, sang love songs on the Ponte Vecchio, goose-stepped to mock the soldiers in Red Square, dined in a tent next to the Great Pyramid of Giza, jumped into a rushing river in Fiji, and ridden a mountain bike down a volcano.
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