Dr Aaron Ahuvia, Understanding Brand Love and Its Implications for Business – Innova.Buzz 577

Aaron Ahuvia explains the importance of emotional connection and positive experiences in creating brand loyalty. He also shares insights on how to develop expertise, the value of saying “no,” and the role of sleep in productivity. With Aaron Ahuvia as the guest on this Innova.Buzz episode, learn how companies can create a network of relationships beyond a single salesperson and why measuring love for a product is important.


Alison Smith, Uncovering Inner Wisdom Through Nature’s Metaphors – Innova.Buzz 576

Alison Smith talks to me about how metaphors contain solutions hidden within them, and exploring them can lead to a list of options that can be taken back to the real-life situation; metaphor is a way of bringing inner wisdom into conscious awareness, and looking to nature can help people reflect on their feelings and gain insight into their situation; understanding individual motivations and roles is key to facilitating behavior change, and incorporating metaphors into corporate training can help people understand different perspectives.


Dr. Danny Brassell, Connecting with Your Audience: Creating an Engaging Speech – Innova.Buzz 575

Danny Brassell speaks to me about using storytelling and humor in presentations to connect with the audience. Danny also emphasizes the power of suggestion and creating a “stump speech” that highlights your unique story. Key takeaways include the importance of connecting with the audience, emphasizing action, and using personal anecdotes to build trust. Listen to gain valuable tips on improving public speaking skills and creating impactful presentations.


Kevin Kelly, Building Blocks of Wisdom – Innova.Buzz 574

Kevin Kelly talks to me about bout how life is a constantly shifting landscape that presents opportunities for growth and new experiences. It’s essential to break free from any sense of equilibrium or harmony that holds us back and embrace the unknown. We also discussed the potential of AI technology in solving problems and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, while being aware of the dangers of misuse. Finally, we discussed the importance of finding our own paths and unique genius, as each of us is the star of our own movie.

Humanizing AI - Mastering ChatGPT

Humanizing AI: A ChatGPT Case Study to Revitalize Community Engagement

Discover how to master ChatGPT for authentic content creation and audience connection. Learn from a real case study that revitalized a community through AI-powered strategies. Unlock the potential of humanizing AI to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impact.


Sally A Curtis, Repurposing Content: Engaging Visuals to Connect with Your Audience – Innova.Buzz 573

Sally A Curtis shares her insights into simplifying the content creation process and finding your inner genius. Repurposing existing content is an effective strategy for simplifying the content creation process. Sally suggests breaking down your content into small chunks and using visuals to connect with your audience.


Jason Croft, Podcasting: A Powerful Tool for Networking and Growth – Innova.Buzz 572

Jason Croft shares insights on building networks and relationships through intentional podcasting, the transferability of communication skills to various aspects of life, and the importance of preparation and good interviewing skills. Learn how to structure a podcast for business benefits, improve self-awareness, develop communication skills for sales, and more.


Jem Fuller, Impactful Conversations through Conscious Communication – Innova.Buzz 571

Jem Fuller is my guest on this episode of Innova.Buzz. We explore the concept of conscious communication and the impact it can have on leaders. Here are three key takeaways – Be aware of the impact of our communication on the other person, and be mindful of our choice of words, language, and body language; Set aside judgment and actively listen to others to have a productive conversation, avoid ego putting up a defence shield; Cultivate emotional intelligence through mindfulness meditation. By embracing these concepts and working on our ability to communicate mindfully, we can deepen and enrich our relationships with others.


Dr. Richard Orbe-Austin, Conquer Impostor Syndrome for Unstoppable Greatness – Innova.Buzz 570

Richard Orbe-Austin talks to me about overcoming limiting beliefs to achieve your dreams; injecting joy into your journey and setting boundaries to protect your dreams; and the need to celebrate achievements and practice self-care to avoid burnout and impostor syndrome.