Building Vibrant Connections: Jürgen Strauss Discusses Human Centered Community and the Role of AI


Jürgen Strauss: Building Vibrant Connections on Smashing the Plateau Podcast.

I recently had the enormous privilege of returning as a guest of David Shriner-Cahn on his Smashing the Plateau podcast. We had an enlightening conversation about entrepreneurship, community, and AI technology.

Here are 3 key takeaways from our discussion:

  1. The Power of Community: I emphasized the importance of a community for high-impact achievers to connect, share experiences, and find support in their entrepreneurial journey. Community provides a space for meaningful connections and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. If there isn’t already an existing community that fits, start one!
  2. Testing and Adapting: When exploring new business models or opportunities, it’s crucial to test them quickly and gather feedback. By staying adaptable and open to changes, you can discover the best ways to serve your audience and make a positive impact.
  3. AI and Human Connection: I shared my experience with using AI technology, such as ChatGPT, to enhance the human connection in our community. Rather than replacing human interaction, AI can serve as a valuable tool to provide information, generate conversations, and even foster kindness.

If you want to dive deeper into these topics and learn more about building a vibrant community, leveraging AI technology, and embracing entrepreneurship, listen to the full episode of Smashing the Plateau.

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Show Notes from this episode of Smashing the Plateau, with host David Shriner-Cahn and guest Jürgen Strauss


In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, entrepreneurs often find themselves navigating their business journey alone. The isolation and lack of meaningful connections can hinder their growth and impact. However, there is a solution – building a vibrant entrepreneurial community. In this episode of Smashing the Plateau, we discuss the essential need for entrepreneurs to seek assistance, emphasizing the value of shared expertise, the importance of community, and the potential of artificial intelligence technology like Chat GPT to enhance human connection.

The Power of Human Connection

In the episode, I share my realization that entrepreneurs often long for genuine human connection, particularly in the era of lockdowns and physical isolation brought on by the pandemic. I saw a need for a place where high-impact achievers could connect, find support, and seek assistance when they felt stuck. This sparked the creation of my community events, focused on facilitating meaningful conversations and fostering deep connections. By bringing together like-minded individuals, I recognized the power of human connection in transforming businesses and lives.

The Benefits of Entrepreneurial Communities

Entrepreneurial communities offer more than just networking opportunities or access to information. People join a community for the content but stay for the connections. The experiences and insights shared within a community create a supportive environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and accountability. Members can find mentors, partners, clients, and even lifelong friends. It’s through these connections that entrepreneurs can enhance their impact, find new business opportunities, and overcome challenges together.

Navigating the Business Landscape with Assistance

I highlight the importance of seeking assistance when navigating the complex terrain of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need “help”; they need collaboration and expertise in specific areas. By understanding their audience and ideal clients, entrepreneurs can identify their strengths and find ways to contribute meaningfully. I suggests asking the question, “How can I contribute to what you’re doing?” This shifts the conversation from mere assistance to a collaborative exchange that benefits all parties involved.

Testing and Adapting Business Models

Building a successful business model within a community requires experimentation and adaptation. David and I reflect on the idea that entrepreneurs test their ideas quickly and be willing to change course if something isn’t working. It’s crucial to understand the needs and desires of the target audience and align one’s own expertise and passions with those demands. By clarifying what brings value to the community and consistently delivering on that promise, entrepreneurs can build a sustainable and profitable business.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Connection

In the conversation, I share my fascination with Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence language model that reflects collective human intelligence. While some may question its compatibility with a human-centered approach, I see huge potential in leveraging AI to bridge connections and foster deeper conversations. By engaging in meaningful dialogues with AI, entrepreneurs can access vast stores of data, seek assistance, and even practice kindness and empathy. It’s an exciting tool that amplifies human connection rather than replacing it.


Building a thriving entrepreneurial community goes beyond networking and information exchange. It’s about creating an environment of meaningful connections, collaboration, and support. As I’ve demonstrated with my community events and the Flywheel Nation platform, entrepreneurs can leverage the power of community to transform their businesses, find new opportunities, and contribute to the success of others. By embracing the possibilities of AI technology like Chat GPT, we can enhance our human connections and create a vibrant ecosystem that propels entrepreneurs forward.

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