Jürgen Strauss

Arjun Sen

Arjun Sen, How to Win Big by Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction – InnovaBuzz 442

Arjun Sen talks about winning big by going beyond simply satisfying customers, how to wow every customer every time, and the key roles of a CEO in any business.

Stefan Smulders

Stefan Smulders, How to Automate and Personalise Your LinkedIn Outreach – InnovaBuzz 441

Stefan Smulders talks about Expandi and how to effectively automate and personalise your LinkedIn outreach.

Stephen Berkeley

Stephen Berkeley, How to Cultivate a Values-Based Culture – InnovaBuzz 440

Stephen Berkeley talks about values-based culture, conversations around values, and developing shared meaning.

Susan James

Susan James, The Self Discovery Life Mastery Process – InnovaBuzz 439

Susan James talks about the self-discovery life mastery process, quietening our minds, focusing our attention, and self-awareness.

Patty Block

Patty Block, How to Price Your Services for Value – InnovaBuzz 438

Patty Block talks about differentiating buyers from clients, value-based pricing, and the buyers’ journey.

Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove, How to Build and Live a Legendary Life – InnovaBuzz 437

Tommy Breedlove talks about how to be legendary, knowing your purpose, and building positive sustainable habits.

Christine Schlonski

Christine Schlonski, Why Sales Is Love and How to Sell from the Heart – InnovaBuzz 436

Christine Schlonski talks about why sales is love, finding your soulmate client, and how to sell from the heart.

Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman, The Key Ingredients to Building a Successful Innovation Team – InnovaBuzz 435

Steve Hoffman talks about the first thing innovation teams should do, essential ingredients of innovation teams, and learning from “failure”.

Ashley Nichols

Ashley Nichols, How to Use Technology to Create a Better World – InnovaBuzz #434

Ashley Nichols talks about Tech to Save the World, idealistic innovation, and why there is no such thing as a “tech person”.