Jürgen Strauss

Raj Goodman Anand

Raj Goodman Anand, The Keys to Building a Strong Team Culture – InnovaBuzz 425

Raj Goodman Anand talks about building a strong team culture, the importance of systems and processes, and the core role of the business owner.

Marina Girgis

Marina Girgis, How to Build a Profitable and True-to-Self Personal Brand – InnovaBuzz 424

Marina Girgis talks about how to build a profitable and true-to-self personal brand to make more money online and live vivaciously.

Laura Rike

Laura Rike, Why You Need to Be on Pinterest and How It Helps Grow Your Business – InnovaBuzz 423

Laura Rike talks about Pinterest strategies in marketing, why it’s not social media, and ideas for Pinterest content.

Terry Jones

Terry Jones, How to Keep Succeeding in a Fast-Changing World – InnovaBuzz 422

Terry Jones talks about the relationship between innovation, failure and curiosity, and “owning the edge” of your customers’ journeys.

Steve Genco

Steve Genco, How to Build Lasting Relationships Through Intuitive Marketing – InnovaBuzz 421

Steve Genco talks about intuitive marketing and brain science, marketing for the long term, and understanding our ideal customer.

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker, How to Prepare Your Business to Sell for Huge Profit – InnovaBuzz 420

Michelle Seiler Tucker talks about how to prepare your business to sell from day 1, her Exit Rich model, and the three magic questions that will transform your business.

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel, How to Consistently Attract High-Value Clients – InnovaBuzz 419

Johnson Emmanuel talks about how to identify, attract, and work with high-value clients, Marketing as an investment, and the magic offer sequence.

Catherine Cantey

Catherine Cantey, How to Build Influence and Professional Authority – InnovaBuzz 418

Catherine Cantey talks about building influence and professional authority, leading with value, and knowing when you’re ready for change.

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, What It Takes to Be a Celebrity CEO – InnovaBuzz 417

Ramon Ray talks about The Celebrity CEO Concept, the power of human connections, and how to be magnetic and earn attention.