Jürgen Strauss

Audrey Holst

Audrey Holst, How to Balance Perfectionism and Excellent Action – InnovaBuzz 473

Audrey Holst talks about understanding perfectionism and embracing it in a way that serves us to create sustainable action.

Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan, Money Mindsets: How to Transform Your Relationship with Money – InnovaBuzz 472

Catherine Morgan talks about money mindsets, how to transform your relationship with money and create strong financial foundations in business.

Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes, How to Leverage Business Innovation Across Multiple Sectors – InnovaBuzz 471

Michael Haynes talks about about business innovation across multiple sectors, listening to your customers, and content road-mapping and sense-making.

David Schonthal

David Schonthal, How to Overcome People’s Resistance to Innovation and Change – InnovaBuzz 470

David Schonthal talks about overcoming people’s resistance to innovation, reframing change as an experiment, and co-designing solutions.

Alex Sanfilippo

Alex Sanfilippo, Leading with Value: The Key to Becoming a Podcast Rockstar – InnovaBuzz 469

Alex Sanfilippo talks about how to land podcast guests spots and leading with value as the key to becoming an awesome podcast guest or host.

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce, How to Bring the Human Connection Back to Marketing – InnovaBuzz 468

Sarah Santacroce talks about self-awareness to personal power, having more empathy in business, and marketing like you are human.

Lynn Howard

Lynn Howard, How to Be Your Best Self and Build Better Relationships – InnovaBuzz 467

Lynn Howard talks about getting really clear on our values, vision, and purpose to be our best selves and simple ways to build better relationships.

Stormie Andrews

Stormie Andrews, How to See the World Through the Eyes of Your Best Customers – InnovaBuzz 466

Stormie Andrews talks about the World’s Best Buyer Persona System, seeing things through the eyes of your best customers, and building trust.

Mike James

Mike James, How to Capture Engaging and Impactful Photos – InnovaBuzz 465

Mike James talks about building a business on a powerful why, the importance of community, and photography tips to capture engaging and impactful photos.