Jürgen Strauss

Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth Pampalone, How to Achieve Success and Freedom Through Absolute Marketing – InnovaBuzz 395

Elizabeth Pampalone talks about marketing as a system, the power of focus, and a year’s marketing in 5 days.

Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens, Face Profiling and How It Works in Building Meaningful Relationships – InnovaBuzz 394

Alan Stevens talks about face profiling, how and why it works and communicating with others to build meaningful relationships.

Michelle Mazur

Dr Michelle Mazur, 3 Word Rebellion: How 3 Words Can Change Everything in Your Business – InnovaBuzz 393

Dr Michelle Mazur talks about the 3 Word Rebellion and how to craft a powerful and captivating message that will grow your business.

Stefano Mastrogiacomo

Stefano Mastrogiacomo, High-Impact Tools for Teams – InnovaBuzz 392

Stefano Mastrogiacomo talks about the High Impact Tools for Teams and psycholinguistics of highly effective teamwork.

The Mind Body Business Show

[Podcast] – The Mind Body Business Show with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss shares his journey to success and the lessons he has learned along the way in building a successful business on The Mind Body Business Show, hosted by Brian Kelly.

Jon Christian Jervert

Jon Christian Jervert, Conscious Human Performance – InnovaBuzz 391

Jon Christian Jervert talks about Conscious Human Performance, overcoming fear and, creating the life you love.

Luisa Zhou

Luisa Zhou, How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur – InnovaBuzz 390

Luisa Zhou talks about how successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur by focusing on your customers, keeping it simple, and taking action.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones, How to Successfully Lead and Manage a Virtual Team – InnovaBuzz 389

Brian Jones of VA Platinum shares the secret to successfully lead and manage a virtual team.

Real People Real Business

[Podcast] – Real People, Real Business – Humanizing Marketing Through Conversation w/ Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss talks about humanizing marketing through conversations on the Real People, Real Business Podcast, hosted by Stephanie Hayes.