Jürgen Strauss


Laban Ditchburn, The World’s Best Statement: A Guide to Defining Your True Purpose – Innova.Buzz 582

Laban Ditchburn, an inspirational speaker who turned his life around from addiction and destructive behavior, joins me on this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast to share his journey to self-discovery that led him to embrace his true purpose and develop a ‘world’s best statement.’ Discover the power of forgiveness, overcoming doubts, and the importance of lightheartedness in reclaiming our personal power. Tune in to the Innova.Buzz Podcast to be inspired by Laban Ditchburn’s transformative story.


Tanya Alvarez, Team, Coaching, and Data: The Winning Combination for Growth – Innova.Buzz 581

Tanya Alvarez, the inspiring founder of OwnersUp talks to me about turning a startup into a million-dollar success, championing diversity in entrepreneurship, building supportive communities, harnessing data for growth, and finding motivation in unexpected places. Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation that’s full of actionable tips for aspiring and seasoned business owners alike!


Erika Andresen, Just in Case: Building Resilience with Business Continuity Plans – Innova.Buzz 580

Erika Andresen joins host Jürgen to explore the importance of business continuity and emergency management. From the vulnerabilities faced by businesses during the pandemic to the need for strategic planning and control measures, Erika shares her expertise and insights. Discover how businesses can thrive amidst disruptions, why investing in business continuity is essential, and how Erika’s innovative approach empowers businesses to stay resilient. Listen in to gain valuable knowledge and practical tips from Erika Andresen on Innova.Buzz 580.


Jim Bond, Sticky Ideas: How to Trigger Decision-Making in Your Audience – Innova.Buzz 579

Jim Bond joins me to explore the importance of emotional selling in decision-making and reveals how to effectively use metaphors and catchy names to capture attention. Dive into a world of powerful tools like emotional triggers and brain glue techniques, while uncovering the fascinating science behind how the brain responds to asymmetry and redintegration. Discover the secrets to standing out in this captivating InnovaBuzzepisode.


Hilary Russo, The Neuroscience Approach to Finding Clarity and Calm – Innova.Buzz 578

Hilary Russo joins me on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to discuss the neuroscience-based Havening technique, self-healing and positivity empowerment, and holistic health. Learn how Havening touch and positive distractions can improve mood and behavior, how to turn traumas into triumphs, and why nurturing our amygdala can create a more positive internal environment. Tune in to this captivating episode with the inspiring Hilary Russo.


Dr Aaron Ahuvia, Understanding Brand Love and Its Implications for Business – Innova.Buzz 577

Aaron Ahuvia explains the importance of emotional connection and positive experiences in creating brand loyalty. He also shares insights on how to develop expertise, the value of saying “no,” and the role of sleep in productivity. With Aaron Ahuvia as the guest on this Innova.Buzz episode, learn how companies can create a network of relationships beyond a single salesperson and why measuring love for a product is important.


Alison Smith, Uncovering Inner Wisdom Through Nature’s Metaphors – Innova.Buzz 576

Alison Smith talks to me about how metaphors contain solutions hidden within them, and exploring them can lead to a list of options that can be taken back to the real-life situation; metaphor is a way of bringing inner wisdom into conscious awareness, and looking to nature can help people reflect on their feelings and gain insight into their situation; understanding individual motivations and roles is key to facilitating behavior change, and incorporating metaphors into corporate training can help people understand different perspectives.


Dr. Danny Brassell, Connecting with Your Audience: Creating an Engaging Speech – Innova.Buzz 575

Danny Brassell speaks to me about using storytelling and humor in presentations to connect with the audience. Danny also emphasizes the power of suggestion and creating a “stump speech” that highlights your unique story. Key takeaways include the importance of connecting with the audience, emphasizing action, and using personal anecdotes to build trust. Listen to gain valuable tips on improving public speaking skills and creating impactful presentations.


Kevin Kelly, Building Blocks of Wisdom – Innova.Buzz 574

Kevin Kelly talks to me about bout how life is a constantly shifting landscape that presents opportunities for growth and new experiences. It’s essential to break free from any sense of equilibrium or harmony that holds us back and embrace the unknown. We also discussed the potential of AI technology in solving problems and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, while being aware of the dangers of misuse. Finally, we discussed the importance of finding our own paths and unique genius, as each of us is the star of our own movie.