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Jürgen Strauss

Audi GPS

Audi and Google Maps Integration Fascinates Drivers

By: Jürgen Strauss The former Google Local popularly known as Google Maps today already powers many map-providing services through Google Maps API on top of Google’s own Google Transit and Google Ride Finder. These 3rd party features offer directions either by bike, car or foot. It has versions for public utilities or for trade routes…

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps – Much More than Angry Birds – They’re Big Business!

By: Jürgen Strauss If you’ve got a smart phone – whether iPhone or Android – you’ve no doubt got it loaded up with apps of one kind or another. Angry Birds and other fun and free game apps are enormously popular, but you probably also have apps from businesses such as Netflix, Redbox, eBay and…

Mobile Tagging

Increase Business with Mobile Tagging – QR Codes, Snap Tags and more!

By: Jürgen Strauss Connecting the digital and physical worlds – tags are on tangible things – like products, signage, flyers, counter tops, display windows, print ads (newspapers, magazines and more.)   Scanning them connects the consumer to a relevant digital experience. Using tags allows you to measure response rates to a particular marketing effort. There are…

Mobile Marketing and Social Media

How to Combine Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing

By: Jürgen Strauss With people today busier than ever and on the go with smart phones in hand, your small business needs to be able to integrate the technology your customers prefer into your marketing strategy. Two of the biggest growth areas are social media and mobile marketing. Social media apps account for 30% of the…

Author Rank Concept – Answer to the Changing Google Search Algorithm

Author Rank Concept – Answer to the Changing Google Search Algorithm

By: Jürgen Strauss It may be very discouraging knowing that the best SEO plugin you’ve installed in your site might not work anymore, due to Google’s intention of clearing out their rankings of low quality content being produced by spinning machines and other dubious practices. The aim of this internet giant is to rank pages according…

Hard Facts about Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Hard Facts about Mobile Marketing for Small Business

By: Jürgen Strauss If you’re still not sure that mobile marketing is right for your small business, take a look at these results from several recent studies on small business mobile marketing to see why if you don’t already have a mobile marketing strategy in play, you’re significantly behind the times. Consider these findings and comments…

Effective Mobile Coupons – Cashing in on Mobile Marketing!

Effective Mobile Coupons – Cashing in on Mobile Marketing!

By: Jürgen Strauss If you’re a texter, you know that sometimes 160 characters are just not enough to communicate what you want to say. Spilling over into a second text is no big deal when you are texting with friends and family, but when you are texting a mobile offer to a customer, this is a…

Consumer Focused Mobile Marketing Drives Profits

Consumer Focused Mobile Marketing Drives Profits

By: Jürgen Strauss A recently released survey by on small business mobile usage revealed that 84% of small businesses that use mobile marketing have seen an increase in business. But before you jump blindly into mobile marketing, you need to craft a strategy that will most effectively leverage your resources to increase profits. To know…


How to Stop Spam in Comments – AntiSpam Tips for Bloggers

This article is not just about finding the right Anti-spam filter but also covers important basic procedures that we can do to prevent spamming without spending a lot of time on it. Definitely a very helpful guide for 2013 despite being published in 2012:   How to Stop Spam in Comments – AntiSpam Tips for…

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