AI and Machine Learning


David Rogers, Digital Transformation: Focus on Outcomes and Customer Needs – Innova.Buzz 591

David Rogers joins me to share valuable insights on digital transformation and the mindset needed for success in today’s dynamic business landscape. He discusses the importance of shifting strategic myopia and focusing on outcomes and customer needs. Rogers also explores the challenges and opportunities faced by both digital native companies like Alibaba and legacy companies like Walmart. Additionally, he introduces his innovative model, the 4 stages of validation, which helps companies effectively validate their business ideas. Overall, David Rogers brings his expertise and experience to the table, offering listeners a deep understanding of digital transformation and strategies for achieving business results.


Steve Multer, Human to Human Engagement: Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told – Innova.Buzz 590

Steve Multer joins me to discuss the power of storytelling in marketing and public speaking. Steve Multer shares insights on the history and impact of corporate storytelling, the importance of human-to-human engagement, and the value of sharing personal stories to build trust and connection. Join the conversation as they explore the role of storytelling in creating thought leadership, overcoming the fear of public speaking, and unlocking unique perspectives for success.


Colin Duff, Innovation Insights: Triggering Conversations, Inspiring Ideas – Innova.Buzz 589

Colin Duff joins host Jürgen Strauss to delve into the captivating world of innovation. Explore the importance of challenging industry norms, identifying neglected markets, and observing real people to generate breakthrough ideas. Discover how Colin’s 20 years of experience have shaped his unique approach to innovation insights. Listen now to uncover the secrets behind Colin’s groundbreaking strategies that will elevate your business to new heights.


Joey Coleman, Creating Remarkable Experiences for Employees: A Journey of Engagement – Innova.Buzz 588

Joey Coleman shares valuable insights on the future of AI, the 8 phases of the employee journey, the power of buddy programs, the importance of making employees feel seen and appreciated, creating intentional experiences, and even applying relationship-building strategies to personal dating. Join us for this enlightening and practical discussion for employers and individuals alike.


Anne Janzer, Unleashing Your Brand Voice: Empathy, Authenticity, and AI Writing – Innova.Buzz 587

Anne Janzer joins Jürgen on Innova.Buzz! From ethical considerations and the psychology of communication to maintaining brand voice, Anne shares insights on leveraging AI while staying true to your unique voice. Gain valuable tips on empathetic writing, creating brand consistency, and using AI for brainstorming and unblocking creativity. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Anne Janzer on Innova.Buzz 587!


Jill Schiefelbein, Synthetic Media: Integrating AI with Sound and Visuals – Innova.Buzz 586

Jill Schiefelbein, communications expert, delves into the evolution of technology and its impact on human interaction. Join Innova.Buzz 586 as Jill explores the potential of synthetic media, the importance of asking the right questions, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation. Learn how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of digital communication and leverage innovative tools for effective content delivery.


Brigitta Hoeferle, Unlocking the Power of Communication: NLP and its Impact on Personal Influence – Innova.Buzz 585

Brigitta Hoeferle joins me on this episode. From understanding the impact of NLP on communication to challenging negative self-talk, Brigitta shares insights on becoming a better leader, changing beliefs, and embracing choices. Explore the journey of self-reflection, journaling, and affirmations as Brigitta inspires listeners to create positive change in their lives. Tune in to Innova.Buzz 585 – Brigitta Hoeferle and unlock the keys to personal transformation.


Robin Colucci, Writing and Publishing World-Changing Books – Innova.Buzz 584

Robin Colucci discusses her passion for helping authors turn their ideas into books. She emphasizes the importance of asking probing questions to uncover valuable insights and help authors express their ideas in the best way possible. She also emphasizes the need to debunk false industry beliefs, listen without judgment, and create a space without criticism. Robin highlights the need for active participation and promotion in achieving book success, and encourages authors to push through fear and take action.


Richard Phu, Unlock Your Business’s Potential: Scaling, Coaching, and Delegating for Success – Innova.Buzz 583

Richard Phu shares his expertise on scaling businesses, building coaching programs, and delegating decisions. Learn how to develop efficient systems, maximize your team’s potential, and create a business that runs itself. Join Jürgen Strauss on Innova.Buzz 583 as he engages in a transformative conversation with Richard Phu, covering key topics from systemization and coaching to delegation and team support. Tune in for practical advice and actionable steps to take your business to the next level.