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Khaled Ghorab

Khaled Ghorab, The Relationship Architect

In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Khaled Ghorab who is known as “The Relationship Architect”. He is a Leadership & Business Coach, a Simplifier for CEOs & Leaders. He helps businesses and people envision their company’s growth and leadership enhancement.

His passion lies in bridging relationship gaps between leadership generations in the company, so that a legacy can seed, grow, and make the transition smooth whether at the Founder, CEO, or Family Business Owner, level.

In our conversation, Khaled talked to me about:

  • Communicating in a way that creates the best result for everyone (communication is fuel to the team relationship)
  • Creating practices that sustain growth
  • Getting clarity about and emotional connection with our vision and our why

Lynn Howard in episode 467 introduced us to Khaled.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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Leadership is not about feeling great. It's about doing great in the world. Khaled Ghorab on #InnovaBuzz podcast Share on X

Show Notes from this episode with Khaled Ghorab, The Relationship Architect

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Leadership is all about bringing out the best in you and others.
  • Look at the market more as a system and leverage part of that without judging if the system is going to work or not.
  • There’s a direct correlation between business results and how people perform – their leisure, behaviours, and competencies.
  • Great leadership enables us to apply a change in the organisation in a way that creates business results.
  • Great leadership is not just about motivating people but also bringing out the best in them.
  • Leadership goes back to the art of recovery.
  • There is a huge difference between rest and recovery. Recovery is when you fall down and you have techniques and practices that will enable you to get back up and running very quickly.
  • It’s important to learn how to stick around in the face of adversity because something good will eventually come from it.
  • When you can tap into your true definition of why you’re in business, you will never give up. You’ll always want to keep going.
  • Business owners and CEOs know what they’re doing. They know what needs to be done, but they need somebody to create clarity for them so they can focus on the inputs rather than the outputs. And from there, they can drive amazing growth.
  • Unlock the true definition of why you’re in business. Make sure that they’re sticking together. Acknowledge that there is a crisis. Rework your business and the mechanics in it with a burning desire to make things as amazing as possible for your customers.
  • An entrepreneur’s life is filled with uncertainty. You have to have a level of spiritual backbone that will serve as your anchor and keep bringing you back to your why.
  • Leadership is not about feeling great. It’s about doing great in the world.
  • If you can tap into a person’s very first moment when they started, it creates an anchor in that person that is always about day zero (the point you decided the business you’re going to have)
  • Keep your head down at work but your hands on the pulse. Or hire somebody to have their hands on the pulse; somebody who can integrate the business into the world over and over again.
  • Business owners that are doing great stuff in the world are highly integrated into society and the market. They understand the clear issues. And by doing so, they’re able to solve these problems and innovate.
  • It’s not about dealing with culture but transforming it.
  • Communication is having a clear understanding of how to communicate in a way that creates the best experience and results for people.
  • The role of a business coach is not to train but to create practices that will sustain a client’s growth.
  • Systems thinking gets you to see the big picture of how different moving parts work together.
  • Culture must be embedded in a system. It could either make or break that system.
  • When co-designing, remember that different parts are co-dependent on another, and it’s important to figure out what you need to tie and untie.
  • Gender Intelligence helps lay business foundations better.
  • Men and women may see the same things, but those things may mean entirely different things to them.
  • Men and women communicate and handle stress differently.
  • When men are overwhelmed, they prefer to isolate themselves and not be disturbed. On the contrary, women prefer to be involved in brainstorming and support groups.
  • Principles are followed by habits.
  • Communication is fuel to the team relationship.
  • A partnership or culture is like a cup of coffee. What you put in it, defines its taste.
  • Allocate time to talk about personal things. It helps develop trust and people’s ability to handle differences.
  • Conflict happens in the workplace either on the task level, values level, or relational level. But the deepest one is relational.
  • People buy emotions. If your vision is not personal, nobody’s going to buy it.
  • Learning how to listen to people’s emotional charge in their language is a great principle to live by. You’re dealing with a human being who has a human experience at work.
  • People don’t leave their jobs. They leave their bosses.
  • Principles guide people’s values. With values, people can show up at their best because that’s who they are.
  • Better me + better you = better us.
  • The greatest innovators in the world learn to listen first before they say, AHA!
Communication is having a clear understanding of how to communicate in a way that creates the best experience and results for people. Khaled Ghorab on #InnovaBuzz podcast Share on X

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round 

Here are Khaled’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative – Listen. If you can listen to what’s happening in your organization and the external environment, you will come up with great ideas that could support the growth of your products, services, and customers. Listen and understand what’s happening in between.
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Talk to as many people as possible whilst maintaining your original foundation idea. Understand what drives them. All voices are important and need to be heard.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation – Curiosity. Always be inquisitive and curious about the world.
  4. Keep project/client on track –  Gentle accountability. It’s not about the outcome, but the progress. Remind them of how far they’ve come.
  5. Differentiate – Go on a journey of why you are in this world. The better you know yourself, the better you could navigate the world, and the better you’ll be able to plug yourself into any opportunity. Be the kind of person who’s so clear on who you are that you can simply sit down and see with a clear vision what is happening around you.

To Be a Leader

Keep listening to InnovaBuzz. Keep learning and keep searching.

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Suggested Guest

Khaled suggested we have a conversation with Sridhar Venkataraman, CEO of Accelerate Freight Services. So Sridhar, keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation from us to the InnovaBuzz Podcast, courtesy of Khaled Ghorab.

Cool Things About Khaled

  • He’s got accreditations from “Gold Standard” institutions including the International Coaches Federation (ICF), Leadership Circle, Mars Venus Gender Intelligence, and CoActive Leadership Coaching
  • He speaks Arabic, English, and Italian
  • He holds a BS Degree in Information Technology from the American University in Dubai.
The better you know yourself, the better you could navigate the world, and the better you'll be able to plug yourself into any opportunity. Khaled Ghorab on #InnovaBuzz podcast Share on X

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