Innovabuzz Podcast

Rusty Gaillard

Rusty Gaillard, How to Achieve Success That Matters Most to You – InnovaBuzz 411

Rusty Gaillard talks about creating and embracing your vision to success, and taking action to achieve it.

Oleg Lougheed

Oleg Lougheed, How to Overcome the Odds and Lead from Within – InnovaBuzz 410

Oleg Lougheed talks about overcoming the odds, sharing your story, and leading from within.

Alyea Sandovar

Alyea Sandovar, The Art and Science of Gamification in Business – InnovaBuzz 409

Alyea Sandovar talks about gamification being the combination of behavioural science, art, and design.

Veronica Shannon

Veronica Shannon, How to Turn Your Passion Into a Sustainable and Innovative Business – InnovaBuzz 408

Veronica Shannon talks about what drove her to start retub and how she turned it into a sustainable and innovative business.

Eric Rogell

Eric Rogell, The Hero’s Journey in Leadership – InnovaBuzz 407

Eric Rogell talks about how to lead from our inner hero and ignite motivation, vision, and purpose in our teams and our lives.

Jonathan Callinan

Jonathan Callinan, How to Build a Successful Membership Business – InnovaBuzz 406

Jonathan Callinan talks about intent-based marketing and how to provide more value with a membership business model.

Jamie Watson

Jamie Watson, How Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Solve Critical Challenges – InnovaBuzz 405

Jamie Watson talks about how mission-driven entrepreneurs solve the critical challenges of our time.

Roxanne Kaufman-Elliott

Roxanne Kaufman-Elliott, How to Build a Culture of Leadership That Drives Excellence – InnovaBuzz 404

Roxanne Kaufman-Elliott talks about the core traits of leadership, the importance of self-awareness, and building a culture of leadership.

Nia Lee

Nia Lee, How to Create Consistent, Unique, and On-Brand Video Content – InnovaBuzz 403

Nia Lee talks about creating unique and engaging videos, consistency in content, and building a membership program.