InnovaBuzz Episode #54 – Michael E Gerber: Beyond E-Myth

Michael E Gerber Beyond E-Myth

Michael E Gerber: Beyond E-Myth

In this episode, my guest is Michael E Gerber, the author of the E-Myth series of books.  Michael shares with us his passion about Beyond E-Myth. Michael’s Mantra is “Every life a legacy, every small business a school.”; he points out that an entrepreneur is a creator, who is here to create in order to serve the world, and he challenges us on this interview, to develop what he calls NewCo, with a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mindset.. Listen to the podcast to find out the details.

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Show Highlights

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Most so-called entrepreneurs are a "Company of One" - in other words, they won't function without the founder.
  • The goal of every business creator, right from the outset, is to prepare the company for sale.
  • Beyond E-Myth is based on the eight step Hierarchy of Growth. This involves The Dream, The Vision, The Purpose, The Mission (these four steps comprise the Dreaming Room), The Job, The Practice, The Business and The Enterprise. The Job and The Practice must be turnkey. The Business is up to seven turnkey Practices and a turnkey Management System.The Enterprise is up to seven turnkey Businesses and a turnkey Leadership System.
  • Michael's mission: to transform the state of business worldwide and to transform the way every single individual makes a living and the way every single individual steps out and takes complete responsibility at the grass roots of where you live,to take people around you beyond where you are - the only way to do that, is to begin by doing it yourself. The Economy of One.
  • The Dreamer should be challenging every thing that you do!

The Buzz - Our Innovation Round

Here are Michael's answers to the questions of our Innovation round. Watch the interview to get the full scoop.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative – Ask: What is missing in this picture? This question should be alive in you all the time. And Critical is to have a picture of the Outcome in your mind. Innovation is improving what IS. Creativity is pursuing the unknown.
  • Best thing for new ideas – Read Mystery Novels, frees my mind to follow various paths and ideas come to me. I practice creating all the time and ideas come to me, things happen that I never anticipated.
  • Favourite tool for innovation – Other people are better than me at that - as long as they make it easy for me. I'll make it easy for others to build a great company. OR - (metaphor alert!) Take your thumb out of your ear!
  • Keep project / client on track – Keep reminding them why they are doing it, and have a system for doing that. I call it the System of Five Essential Functions: Inspiration, Education, Application, Implemntation and Continuous Improvement. There is a methodology and mindset that is critical to all this.
  • Differentiate – Don't focus on how YOU differentiate, focus on YOUR CUSTOMER, that will differentiate you. And be GOOD!

To Be a Leader

Make a difference!  You must take it on individually, take it on personally, to pursue your mission to grow and create.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Michael via his websites Michael E Gerber Companies and Beyond The E-Myth

Suggested Guest

Michael suggested I interview Rodger Ford who is an entrepreneur and CEO of ReliantHeart on a future InnovaBuzz podcast. Michael spoke very highly of Rodger and his entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities, but also shared with us that Rodger is a champion rodeo rider (we've never had a rodeo rider on the podcast!). So, Rodger keep an eye on your inbox, for an invitation from me to the InnovaBuzz podcast, courtesy of Michael E Gerber.

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