Why Taking CARE of Your Website is Critical to Your Business

Taking Care of Your Website

Great business coaches motivate the clients they serve, to transform.

They do that with their exceptional coaching skills. They do that with an obsessive focus on serving their clients and a supreme dedication to their clients’ success. Great business coaches know that the tools they have to run their business must help in that mission and must not distract them in any way.

Do you worry then that your WordPress business website might go offline, or be so slow to load that people leave and go elsewhere? As a result, you’re losing business and not reaching those clients who you’ll be able to motivate to transform! If that sounds like a scary scenario, you might wonder what to do about it?

In this blog post, I’m going to highlight a list of the key things to do – taking care of your website to ensure that your WordPress website is always online 24/7 and performing at its best, allowing you to focus on taking care of your clients.

Why Taking CARE of Your Website is Important for Your Business

All website software needs updating and needs regular maintenance to keep the cogs well oiled and turning like an efficient machine. You look after your body, your health, your car and your house, to keep them at their best (at least, I really hope you do!). It is equally important to look after your website so that it is performing at its best, and delivering business – new leads, clients and the cash that are so vital to your business success.

WordPress powers over 25% of websites on the internet today! WordPress is an open-source content management system for websites with over 45,000 plugins from third-party developers, that allow it to be used for a huge range of website and related applications.

A recent report from BBC News talks of a major hacking attack on WordPress websites pointing out that the failure to update software on the websites was the major cause of defacement and hijacking of sites which took place. Those sites that didn’t apply regular software updates were vulnerable to the vagrancies of hackers. If you are not taking care of your website, you risk the same fate!

A website has a lot of moving parts, and if everything is not kept well maintained, some things may “break”, resulting in downtime or visitors not finding what they need on your website.

All of this can cost you business.

If you have a website that is bringing in $30,000 in revenue, or new leads per month (not unusual in today’s online business world), then every day that that website is not working fully can cost you $1000!

Imagine the difference it would make to any business having a website that is online and secure 24/7, performs like a well oiled machine and has someone on hand to address any issues quickly as they arise, a website that as a result brings in a constant stream of new leads, new clients and most importantly, the cash that is so essential for your business survival. Yes, taking care of your website is critical to your business.

Isn’t a Website just “Set and Forget”?

No doubt you realize that’s a rhetorical question and know that the short answer is a resounding NO! The beauty of the WordPress system is that software developers are updating parts of it all the time to take advantage of new technology and keep the system secure and functioning at its best. And that means that you need to update and upgrade your own website regularly. Missed issues can cause downtime and cost you business, as I’ve already pointed out.

Of course, providing up to date information on a regular basis to your audience is another aspect of keeping your website fresh and up to date.


Taking CARE of Your Website is critical to:

  • keep your website online and available 24/7 to serve your audience and act as a lead generation tool
  • avoid the risk of your website being hacked and defaced
  • keep the site performing at its optimum from a technical point of view and thus, helping your Google ranking
  • providing your target audience with up to date and fresh information, thus generating more interest, more leads and also helping your Google ranking
  • to the survival of your business

How to Take CARE of Your WordPress Website – The Basics


The last thing you want is for your WordPress site to be “hacked.” Taking care of your website’s security is the first priority of your CARE program.

We highly recommended the following plugins to enhance your WordPress website’s security:

WordFence allows easy configuration and advanced monitoring and protection against unusual activity on your WordPress site. You can hand tune many of the settings to allow for a certain exception that may apply to your unique website or setup. For example, you can prevent brute force hacking attempts by blocking anyone who tries to submit your login form more than 3 times or at least lock them down for a time period. This is one of many advanced security settings to tweak and customize to prevent hackers from gaining control or access to your site.

Sucuri is a complete website security service that works with many systems including WordPress. This service protects your website from a large variety of security risks and also offers a clean-up service, should you have experienced hacking or malware.

Comment spam poses another potential security risk – this can be easily controlled with one of two very useful plugins: Akismet and Antispam Bee. Be sure to set up your chosen plugin and configure it properly to save yourself lots of time and hassle from having to deal with pesky comment spammers.

These are just a few of our recommendations to achieve best-practice site security.

Software Updates

WordPress is well known for its frequent version updates, many of which are necessary to address security loopholes.

Along with this, plugin and theme updates are quite common. In some cases, clients use custom scripts that require an update from time to time.

While it may be easy to rely solely on automatic updates, this is not always the best idea. In some cases, an automatic update will “crash” which can leave the website offline or unable to be viewed as intended. It’s important, therefore, to regularly apply updates manually with a sound routine to check that everything is working properly after updates are applied.


Ask yourself this question right now: If disaster struck my website today and all was lost, what would I do?

If you don’t have an answer, or if your answer involves a big time investment and time-out for your website, that’s a huge problem!

If you never want to worry about a disaster taking your website offline, then setup daily backups. These can easily be automated, so that, once set up, you won’t have to invest any additional time.

BackupBuddy, VaultPress and UpdraftPlus are our recommendations for regularly backing up your WordPress websites.

If something does go wrong, all you do is restore from a backup file and troubleshoot if necessary. This is the quickest way to go back to a working state if something untoward has resulted in your website breaking.

The 3 Key Tasks for Taking CARE of Your Website

  1. Take CARE of Security
  2. Take CARE of Software Updates
  3. Take CARE of Backups

Regularly perform these three tasks and you’ll cover the key things that will protect your website from breaking down.

Of course, you should also consider regular information updates, which will have your audience returning to your website and wanting to do business with you. It will also help improve your ranking in the search engines and make your site easier for your potential clients to find.

And you want to be found right? So you need to give them something to find.

What Now?

You could just pretend you didn’t read this post and accept the risk of your website going down, and needing to drop everything to fix it when that happens! What are the chances? Can you get on with your business and relax, knowing that this risk is there?

Or, you could follow my recommendations and take care of these three things – of course, you can do your own WordPress CARE tasks!

The question is: do you have the time and technical skills necessary?

For most business coaches, the answer is simply no. They would rather spend their time serving their existing clients and generating additional business.

You don’t have to do it yourself.

If you are ready to have a professional take care of your website for you so you can get back to taking care of your clients, and spend your time on where you add the most value to your business, then check out our Dedicated Business CARE plans.

These Dedicated Business CARE plans eliminate the nightmare threat to your website being compromised and give you the certainty, security and brand protection you need now. Get the peace of mind, that your website is always working – driving leads and customers your way and allowing you to focus on growing your business and delivering exceptional value to your clients.

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