Web Design in 2013


It’s now 2013 – the year when smartphones become smarter but this does not mean that things will get too complicated. In fact, a simplified but technology-enhanced website will attract visitors better and can be very efficient when accessed by the more advanced mobile phone models. Let this article be your reminder for the necessary mobile website features that must be prioritised for your website before getting very technical to make sure that you will get it right from the start – as you tackle the challenges of the New Year!


Web Design in 2013

“The continued influence of new (and current) hand held devices and smart phones will be dictating website trends for 2013 and because we have to adapt in order to survive (as always) this also includes incorporating scrolling in your web designs.”


Always think about the convenience of your audience when designing your mobile website. Mobile phone surfers do not have much tolerance for difficulties in surfing the net. The more accessible and user-friendly your website is – the better your market edge is.


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