How to Use Images in Blog Posts to Increase Engagement

How to Use Images in Blog Posts to Increase Engagement

Some bloggers are too engaged with their text contents that they often neglect adding images to their articles. This will be a big disadvantage to the progress of your site in terms of traffic. Many people are drawn visually that’s why website publishers would always choose quality photos to enhance their sites. If you are into photography, grab your camera and shot some photos to compliment your postings but if not, you can also make use of lots of free photos online – as long as you give the relevant credit to the source. Here’s a blog that highlights the importance of images on blog posts:

How to Use Images in Blog Posts to Increase Engagement

“For the most part, when I see a blog post without any images I cringe. While there are some blogs that can get away with it because of their sheer size and reputation (Zen Habits springs to mind), for the most part I consider a lack of images in a blog post to be a cardinal sin.

You have more control over your photos when you create them yourself. However, using available pictures with the right attributions can also add to your link-building activities. These will constitute your outgoing links. So, either way is not bad. Just never publish a site or page without at least the necessary image.


Image Source: Managewp

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