How to Plan Your WordPress Website

How to Plan Your WordPress Website


The following post describes 3 major components to integrate into your website while planning your WordPress site.  The same principles should apply to ALL Websites. First is the purpose, second is the target market and thirdly, the call to action. Read through to get some inspiration:


How to Plan Your WordPress Website

“Your website is part of your business’s overall marketing strategy and needs to be treated with the same consideration as any other type of marketing materials. Working with WordPress templates helps you create beautiful looking and functional websites. How well they work for your business will depend in large measure on the thought you put into it before you build it. If you want it to be successful, you better have a plan.”

Once you have all these important information written in your plan, it will be easier for a web developer to recommend the appropriate features and designs for your website. This can actually be the main part of your job brief.


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