Digging into Some Technicalities in Building a Mobile Website

Digging into Some Technicalities in Building a Mobile Website

There’s no doubt that mobile websites can drive traffic up because they can be built with responsive designs, they serve as customer service platforms for businesses and their separate URL other than the desktop domain name can generate additional visitors who belong to the active buyers’ niche – the so-called mobile shoppers. Learn some technicalities in building an efficient mobile website:

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Mobile Websites

By: @DSmulevich

Inspired by Search London Meetup on recommendations for smartphone sites, I decided to put a post together to clear up any doubts or myths regarding mobile SEO.

At this point, everybody should already know how important it is to have mobile optimised websites, and how much more it will become in the immediate future.

So, let’s dig in! http://www.vervesearch.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-developing-mobile-websites/

Free plugins can be installed and mobile websites can be installed in a sub domain. Other than that, CSS, HTML and Javascript codes are better used in designing a mobile device – friendly site but you do not have to learn them all, as it may take forever if you are not in this field. Just know the basics of what will work properly – to be guided on what can be possible in building sites of this sort. This will help your web developer in achieving your desired website – if you speak a little bit of his or her language. Pay attention to details now and get that mobile website that can boost your revenue.

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

Digging into Some Technicalities in Building a Mobile Website 6
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