Coping with a Challenging Web Design

Coping with a Challenging Web Design

Designing a website is far different from just making a layout illustration in a piece of paper. Resourcefulness can often solve a challenging web design development problem. So, if you are following a printed design from a client for example, you will need a lot of help from other experts who have done that particular task that you may not be familiar with. The best way to find them is through their blogs like this one:

How to: Add Widget Area Below Nav


Hi there, friends! It’s a cool, rainy day here in Central Texas, which means I’m ready to write a new Genesis Framework tutorial. (If it were a sunny day, I’d be frolicking outdoors). Ready to do a little coding together?

Adding a widget area below the navigation bar is not as common as adding widgets on the side bar. This is done if the design you are working on requires a small area in the upper part to be different from the content area in terms of width, size or just for the purpose of highlighting that part. Adding this widget requires some PHP coding but they can be easily altered based on your liking. No need to start from scratch on your heavy coding – just Google what you need and you’ll be surprised with the resources available online.

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Coping with a Challenging Web Design 6
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