Be Mobile Web Friendly or Lose Your Customers!

Be Mobile Web Friendly or Lose Your Customers!

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss

If your website wasn’t designed for mobile services you are losing business!  Google  data has shown that we will make more mobile searches in 2013 than we will standard computer searches.  The smart phone is changing the way we do business and the way  we live our lives.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone and most are connected to the web all the time.  Our smart phones enable us to read reviews, compare prices, locate a local store, café or restaurant, find a product or service and they also make it possible for us  to buy what we want, as soon as we want it!

Who wants to look around on a little mobile device when your website is so hard to  navigate in the palm of your hand?  No One!  Don’t deny your business the opportunity to make money from the mobile phone revolution.

This is your opportunity to understand how to make your website ‘mobile friendly’ so  that it will definitely achieve more.

At  this seminar you will discover the essential elements for achieving a client attracting mobile website. Register at now!

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Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss is a transformational marketing strategist, podcaster, speaker, the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz who partner with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable you to acquire more leads and more business by reaching your ideal target prospects with your message, so that you will achieve growth and be able to make a difference to more ideal clients. You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter, Facebook, The InnovaBuzz Podcast, The Tales of Marketing Transformation Show and his personal Photography website.

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