The Golden Ratio: Design's Biggest Myth?

The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth?


The Golden Ratio in mathematics is a geometric relationship where the ratio between two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.


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The Golden Ratio has held special fascination for thousands of years, with claims that many things in nature follow the ratio.

Photographers, also, use this ratio to compose images, in the belief that it is both “natural” and pleasing to the viewer.

The Golden Ratio is total nonsense in design according to this article in Fast Company blog by John Brownlee. Here’s his argument:


The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

by: John Brownlee

The golden ratio’s aesthetic bona fides are an urban legend, a myth, a design unicorn.

Many designers don’t use it, and if they do, they vastly discount its importance.

There’s also no science to really back it up. Those who believe the golden ratio is the hidden math behind beauty are falling for a 150-year-old scam…….


This certainly raises a lot of questions and has generated much discussion.  So what are designers, photographers and others that have studied the Golden Ratio to make of this?

And what do I do now, with that Golden Ratio overlay on my camera?

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