Statistics Dictate Responsive Design Trends

Statistics Dictate Responsive Design Trends

In this statistical study determining the responsiveness of the sites analysed, the type of template, kind of font and size of the width were among the elements scrutinised to measure the performance level of such responsive design used by the selected websites. Find out in full details here:

Responsive Web Design in 2014: Stats and Trends

How widespread are today’s responsive designs among the world’s most visited websites? What are the most common site widths and font sizes? In codeitdown, we conducted a small case study that pretends to answer these and some other important design questions.

It is interesting to note that most popular websites used media queries to make them adaptive to various mobile devices. 13 to 14px are also the most-used font sizes among these top sites. Other than that, there width are also less than 1100 px among others. Therefore, serious considerations to the responsive design rules are a must to rank your sites higher!

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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