Responsive Design: Best Solution for Mobile Users

Responsive Design: Best Solution for Mobile Users

A responsive design is currently the best solution for mobile users – but this does not mean that it will be adaptive to all mobile devices. Future developments might eliminate this problem but as of now, choosing responsive design techniques that will allow optimal resolution for your website in at least four kinds of mobile devices will have your site perform better than most on the internet. Find out more from this article:

Responsive Design is Still the Future of Web Design

Responsive design has been an emergent practice for web designers since Ethan Marcotte’s 2011 book introducing the concept in detail. But two and a half years later, adoption of the practice has been slow, even though this year it’s likely more people will access the Web via smartphones, tablets and other new devices than desktop and laptop computers.

Overall, adoption of responsive design principles has been slow, despite the rapidly growing use of mobile devices to access websites. Despite this slow adoption rate, responsive design is definetly the best way to present your content across both desktop and most mobile devices.

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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