Proof that Responsive Web Design is Indeed Evolving

Proof that Responsive Web Design is Indeed Evolving

Fluid settings, flexible visuals and adaptive media queries are major elements of a responsive website but as time goes by, many more updates can be added by experts. Even the term responsive web design can change so that it will be more relevant to the functionality of such site. These are clear indications of the continuing evolution of responsive design. Read this interesting view on the topic:


In What We Mean When We Say “responsive” and Defining Responsiveness, Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby cut to the heart of a disagreement I had three years ago with Ethan Marcotte, the creator of Responsive Web Design and author of Responsive Web Design, a book I published in 2011.

Web development techniques will always evolve because of the demands of the online trade. On top of that, brilliant minds either make improvements or learn from their mistakes, The best thing to do is to be open minded and keep up to date with new trends as they develop.

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