Plan your Responsive Website with this Start up Guide

Plan your Responsive Website with this Start up Guide

All website development should start with a plan for your website structure and functionality – to get the most out of it. Selecting optimum formats for example is a must but you should know the nature of your potential audience first. Then, follow the rules indicated in this article:

Responsive Web Design: An overview for designers and site owners

The number of different screen sizes by which we browse the web is growing fast. You can imagine how hard it is for a designer to prepare a layout version for each of these devices. With so many screens, designing websites requires an unique web approach.

Flexible wireframe, image size, clearly visible text, modular and grid settings are just a few factors that must be considered in developing the structure of any website. You might know something about web building but it is very helpful to have a checklist so as not to miss anything – and this article serves that purpose well!

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