Benefits of Responsive Design over Other Options

Benefits of Responsive Design over Other Options

A responsive website displays properly on both desktop and other mobile devices by adapting the layout and size to the size of the display screen. If your main website is responsive, there will be no need to maintain two websites (traditional and mobile) for traditional web users and people on the go using portable gadgets in different sizes. This article clearly explains the benefits of a responsive design over other options:

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Website vs. Native App

What is the best way for your business to go mobile?

Mobile optimization is becoming more and more trendy these days and it is no surprise. According to Mashable in August 2013, 17.4 percent of all global web traffic came through mobile devices and this number will continue to grow in 2014. So if you don’t want to lose your piece of the pie, it’s time to step into mobile world.

We already know that to gain more visitors to your website, it should be mobile-friendly. The only question now is how to achieve that? This article presents a strong argument that having a responsive website is the best way to achieve that. It is good to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile ONLY website – as well as the native app powered site to understand better! This article really erases doubts why responsive design is the future!

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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