Adaptive Capabilities of a Responsive Website

Adaptive Capabilities of a Responsive Website

The performance of your website on mobile devices is crucial to your business. Fast loading, flexible image sizing and quick navigation abilities are helpful factors that can enhance engagement with your site’s audience. Here are recommendations for tools that will increase the usability of your responsive design without jeopardising performance:

Responsive Web design performance
Design with mobile (and performance) in mind first

A recent study showed that mobile is the primary Internet access method for a vast number of global Internet users. Roughly 50% of Internet users in Africa and Asia are mobile-only, in contrast to 25% in the United States. This study called “mobile-only” users those who never or infrequently use the desktop Internet (though the study included tablets in the “desktop” category). The bottom line: lots of people are primarily using handsets to access the Internet, and these devices are so much slower than desktop machines.

Providing the best experience for your users is what matters most when designing a website. Easy access, strategic navigational menu and adaptive assets are few factors that must be taken into consideration when going for a responsive web design. Contact us when you need help with web technicalities for the design of your choice.

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