When Does Video Storytelling Work?

When Does Video Storytelling Work?

It is a fact that websites with a relevant video installed in their landing pages are more effective than those without.  Videos can be helpful not only in terms of generating traffic but also in captivating the attention of visitors – thus resulting to more sales.  However, is this true of all videos?

Here’s an article about the power of video storytelling that explains which ones work and which ones don’t.   Reading this is absolutely a necessity if you are in business:

The power of video storytelling
By: Jonathon Grapsas 


When you want to tell a complex story. You work in medical research and you’re tackling a big problem: finding a cure and prevention for cerebral palsy.  The problem is not only do most people don’t really know was CP is, most consider it a condition acquired at birth and assume it’s a hapless case.  How do you dispel that myth and provide hope that something can be done?   Here’s an example.  http://101fundraising.org/2013/03/the-power-of-video-storytelling/


There you go – a proper video is indeed necessary to make a website work to its full potential.   But don’t just shoot a scene with poor taste!   On top of that, always be truthful with your work because exaggerated and superficial stories can be very annoying and instead of attracting clients, they will drive them away!


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