Smartphone Controlled Audi Car Allows Self-Parking

Smartphone Controlled Audi Car Allows Self-Parking

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss


Finding a suitable parking slot is always a concern especially in big cities. Many would think that a fully-automated parking system would be a huge challenge for the engineers to design – especially when it is monitored just by a smartphone using an app created for this purpose.  However, the clever folks at Audi (with outside help we expect!), have taken on this challenge with astounding results.  This video shows how a smartphone controlled Audi car self-parks; we see the driver stepping out of the car and pressing the button on her smartphone to activate the parking manoeuvre.  The car continues to drive to the parking area with occasional stops when detecting an obstacle. It must be heavily equipped with sensors being able to park successfully inside the narrow parking space. Once parked properly, engine is switched off, ignition neutralised and doors are automatically locked. Watch the process in this video:

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Shown on Youtube entitled: Audi’s automatic driving for parking


Audi has not denied the fact that they are indeed trying to finalise this self-driving vehicle in their production plant in Germany. The operation is aided by ultrasound equipment and cameras – with a matching monitor on-board showing images of the car’s position and broadcasting alerts for the driver. Parallel and perpendicular parking should be possible for the car while backing up to fit into the available parking space. The car can also drive itself out of the parking slot and unlock its doors for the owner to get in. Generally, this has similar auto-pilot technical settings as that of jetliners.

Audi has initially introduced its parking assistance car feature to allow easier parking for drivers. It signals the driver for obstacles even ones in blind spots. It has a built-in functionality in the GPS monitor that gives relevant warnings for safe manoeuvring plus leading the driver into a suitable space for parking which is helpful during rush hours. Since Audi is already talking  about their current project that is still under development, there’s a huge possibility that this technology will launch the first ever auto-pilot car model in the near future.  I wonder when the smartphone app for this will be available in the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store?

Image Source: NY Daily News

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