Perceptions Why Videos Work

Perceptions Why Videos Work

Online trends listed video marketing as one of the efficient publicity tools nowadays. It did not get into the list for nothing. There are psychological explanations why videos are more efficient that other mediums. Read this and for sure, you will also agree with the facts regarding videos:

The Psychology Behind Video Marketing Techniques

By: SoMedia Team

Video marketing is like any other marketing tool: it must speak to the core needs of consumers. Video must make an emotional appeal to one of the three primary components of the brain that control human behavior: rationality and logic, emotions and impulses, and the need for survival. For optimal return on investment—and to stand out from the crowd—businesses should employ tactics in their video marketing content that elicit a response from consumers at the deepest level.

No doubt, it is more entertaining watching videos than reading a lot of stuff! This is a very good reason why most people are more hooked up watching video advertisements than reading print ads. Not only that, it is more handy to educate prospective buyers regarding a product if video instructions are used. In the process, the viewers are also inclined to buy the product thinking that the company has given so much just to help them. So, it’s time to go for video marketing!

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

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