Writing Attention Grabbing Blog Posts

Writing Attention Grabbing Blog Posts

We have written quite a bit about the importance of regular posting to your blog, however, many of us find it a challenge to write engaging and topical posts on a regular basis. On top of that, once written, it’s important that the blog post grabs your readers attention and engages them. This article from Who Is Hosting This outlines the essential elements of attention grabbing blog posts, and emphasises the importance of the blogging for attracting leads:

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

A blog is a fantastic way to add value to your website and provide useful information and advice to your readers. It also helps you attract new customers and build your relationships with existing ones. Companies who blog regularly attract up to 88% more leads each month compared to those who don’t, and a whopping 92% of companies who posted to their blog multiple times a day have landed a new customer through their blog.

The article quotes some critical statistics about the huge increase in new leads and also customers that is obtained by companies that blog frequently and on a regular basis. Regular and frequent blog posts, that are engaging, interesting and of great value to your target audience, will enhance that effect. You owe it to your target audience to grab their attention with such valuable information!

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