Understanding Author Rank and How to Use it in your Blog

Understanding Author Rank and How to Use it in your Blog

Certified bloggers will be delighted to have a plugin that would give them credit for their authorships regardless of where their work is being published. However, the benefit does not end there – websites linked to the author will certainly have increased traffic and ranking plus more. Read through to understand better:



“While I am putting the finishing touches on my new Social SEO Training for Profit Marketer, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the least understood aspects of Social SEO and that is Google Authorship and the new Google Algorithm change for 2013: The use of Google Author Rank in ranking of content in Google Search.”


The author rank is another very powerful tool that can enhance your marketing efforts for your website through blogs. Hence, articles added to your website can create more circles of followers by using this plugin.


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