How Your Business Can Grow Through Article Marketing

How Your Business Can Grow Through Article Marketing

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss
One of the most effective and reliable methods of promoting your website is through article marketing.

Due to the growing competition, achieving targeted traffic to your site has become expensive in terms of time and money. But with article marketing, you don’t have to worry about the costs, because it’s a no-cost method to get started with. If you want your online business to be successful, you are going to have to have a constant traffic flow in order to see this happen. You won’t have any real results if you don’t have a steady flow of traffic.

It takes a little time and work to get the most out of article marketing, but there are companies which specialize in creating article marketing campaigns for other businesses. Whether you outsource your advertising or design your campaign in-house, article marketing has been around for a long time. This technique isn’t only used by online marketers who are just starting out, but also by online marketers who have been in the business many years. The best part about article marketing is that the people who read your article and visit your offer are more likely to convert, because they have already been pre-sold. By the time they finish reading your article, they’ll see you as an expert on the product and hurry to buy what you’re selling.

There are so many benefits to reap from article marketing; we will discuss a few of them here to give a better idea of how to proceed.

First you can go the manual way or the automatic way for your article marketing campaign. Using automated softwarewill give much better and faster results though. Be careful with automated software – it can easily be interpreted by the search engines as spamming or “black hat”. Only use reputable software vendors.

Before you jump into using articles for marketing, there’s probably one question that pops into your mind at this point: “how does content help me get sales and traffic when it’s just free information?” The fact is, people on the web have gotten used to sales pitches and they don’t want to get sold. Therefore, your articles will prepare your potential clients by making them more familiar with your goods or services so that they’ll be more confident to make a decision. They want detailed information about a product before they actually pull out their credit card and make a buying decision. If you write an article that explains the problem your product is solving and then point the reader towards your product, the chances of making a sale dramatically grow. Beyond this, you will have an advantage over competitors who are trying to sell without giving customers additional information. Article marketing can be about more than simply drawing in visitors, because it also assists you in attracting visitors who make actual purchases. It’s imperative to watch the conversion rate more than other things since that’s what really is going to increase your profit and make sales.

When you write quality articles and submit them to directories, you will get traffic, but you will also help to build your site’s popularity within the search engines. This factor has lifelong benefits that go beyond any other simple marketing method. Publicity is something that every business person adores and when it’s free, it makes it even better. Penning a large number of quality articles does not cost much money, but it does require a significant investment of time. Regardless of that fact, this is one of the best ways for new Internet marketers to keep money in their pocket while bringing the publicity they need.

When compared to more traditional forms of marketing in print publications, e-mail newsletters or paid listings, article marketing still offers a much longer “life” to the campaign that will keep bringing new visitors to your site for months or years instead of just days or weeks. Because it is free to do, article marketing has one of the largest returns on investment you’ll ever see in online marketing, and it gives you the chance to offer helpful information to potential customers, building yourself and your company a reputation as experts in your field. Whereas an ad costs you money and will be live for only or a certain period of time or until you’re paying.

Finally, when you are writing your articles you need to be sure to use search engine optimization so the crawlers from search engines can grab onto your article and place it high in the listing for those searching for your type of business.

You have to be sure to use the correct keywords in order to get traffic, because if you are using keywords that aren’t searched for on a regular basis, your traffic is going to suffer.

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