Not all good writers can become an effective bloggers. There is a common pattern to become one – and this article is a compilation of the habits to develop to become successful. Yes, it has at least as much to do with consistent habits than writing skills. Follow these recommendations and observe your blogging skills improve:

  1. Make blogging a part of your life by having an entry no matter how short it is. Writing a minimum of 100-word blog to the least without missing a single day is not hard. Just think of it like losing half of your life should you miss to place a blog on any given day.
  1. Be a passionate writer. Do not blog just for money, prestige or popularity. You can have all of them after attracting like-minded people. Remember that most spenders allocate their resources to things that they love – or in short in anything that they are passionate about.
  1. Just enjoy blogging by writing about topics that genuinely interest you. Base them on actual, personal experiences so that you have hands-on knowledge. This will thrill your readers and you will eventually get their trust as they go through the same scenario themselves. This will guarantee you loyal followers.
  1. Do not limit your blogs through writing platforms only. Use multi-media such as audio, video or other visual images. Audacity is free software that can assist you in audio editing. A Powerpoint video or direct recording of what you have to say are also great contributions to many popular social sites. You can start blogging using these other forms of media gradually by substituting one of your regular writing blogs – with what you come up with at least once a week in the beginning. As you start attracting more visual or auditory people, decide to increase the frequency of your video or audio blogs.
  1. Use stories to entice your readers especially when giving advice. People can be skeptical if being told what to do. Despite having a lot of experience and knowledge on a certain subject, it is more welcomed by readers when your know-how is shared in a manner of just telling a story.
  1. Concentrate on offering solutions to your readers’ problems than in selling things. You’ll drive your followers away if your blogs contain some sales strategies. It is more valuable to establish yourself as a reputable product reviewer than to be a seller like many other people are doing. This way, your endorsements will soon become sales.
  1. Make sure that your content is entertaining as well as educational. Education is perceived to be boring by many individuals so, you won’t have a good future in blogging if you’re writing “lessons”. You can be creative in presenting your blogs by incorporating a soap opera sort of scenario or a video game outline. Internet audiences will always spend more time on postings that amuse them.

Do not expect to gather results in any stage of your blogging history. Success will come knocking on your door when the right time comes. Just put in more effort in forming these identified blogging habits. You will be the first one to know that you are indeed an effective blogger when your followers are steadily increasing. Better yet, your inbox will be filled with messages asking for your advice, recommendations and of course endorsements.

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Jürgen Strauss

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