Author Rank Concept – Answer to the Changing Google Search Algorithm

Author Rank Concept – Answer to the Changing Google Search Algorithm

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss

It may be very discouraging knowing that the best SEO plugin you’ve installed in your site might not work anymore, due to Google’s intention of clearing out their rankings of low quality content being produced by spinning machines and other dubious practices. The aim of this internet giant is to rank pages according to relevant or high quality content written by real authors. This is not something new, but in the past, many web and SEO specialists have exploited loopholes to “trick” Google into ranking ordinary quality websites and content highly.  Google’s latest updates to the search engine alogrithm (how they determine ranking) aims to close these loopholes.  Google actually wants good quality sites to rank highly, so it pays to work WITH the Google best practices, not aim to “trick” them.

The idea of author rank is actually very simple. If you have been writing articles or blogs for quite some time and you’ve established your name online as an author with numerous postings in high ranking sites, you’ve already gained the authority for authorship. Gone are the days where the main measure for the ranking was the incoming and outgoing links – that can be generated using automated tools to get the desired ranking regardless of the kind of contents provided.

On top of that, the main logic for Google in changing how websites are being ranked is to offer better services to their advertisers through Adsense or Ad words – and to augment their revenue by doing so. Naturally, by matching their keywords-sensitive ads with satisfactory information for the searchers, the more chances that they can attract the buying web visitors! However, to those who are always implementing best practices in posting blogs, the change will not affect them at all. They just have to enhance their blogging system if they are not publishing according to Google’s best practice guidelines yet.  Here are some suggestions to make your website rank today:

  • Write quality and original articles only
  • Incorporate a new post with a popular article that has been syndicated – which is basically the idea of curating articles
  • Continue to use rich snippets to mark authorship
  • Tie up all contents of the website with a single Google+ account or profile
  • Authors must promote their work through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus
  • Build followers from these social media to generate more traffic
  • Always create contents for your target market and not just to feed search engines
  • All articles published must be under an author’s name and picture
  • Allow guest postings to your site and also do the same to other sites with high PR in exchange of a back link
  • Accept comments on your blog but filter them according to relevance and also comment to other high ranking blog sites
  • Link with certified bloggers by clicking on their autobiography to find out about their sites and how to hook up with them
  • Build a niche of regular followers to create your own market

It is important to link your contents to the author’s identity to establish authorship. This can be done in many ways like simply linking the email address to the author’s profile when posting the content.  Another great tool that is a must to make use of is Google Plus which now has a “portable identity platform”.  Look for the section where the author’s digital signature or author’s profile can be linked to the content created.  Read about the “Steps on How to Establish Authorship” that will follow soon.

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