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How long is your contract?

The ReputationHub system is a month to month subscription.  We don't require you to sign a minimum term contract, although from time to time, we may waive the setup fee in return for a minimum commitment of 12 months.

We are so confident that your restaurant will see an increase in positive reviews when you fully utilise the ReputationHub system, and this will result in increased business for you.

If I have a problem with ReputationHUB, how do I get support?

All customer and technical support requests should be directed to

Should I only ask for reviews from customers if I think they'll be positive?

Absolutely not! 

The purpose of the ReputationHUB system is to get you feedback and reviews from the vast majority of your customers, pushing the positive reviews to the online review sites and keeping the negative reviews for you as feedback to action. 

This allows you to listen to all your customers and take steps to improve your business, while not airing any grievances in public.

The system gives you the confidence to ask EVERY customer for a review and feedback, knowing that any negative feedback won't hurt your online reputation.

Fully utilising the system will provide you opportunities to improve your business.

Does ReputationHUB guarantee that nobody can leave a bad review?

No, the system is setup to help catch bad reviews before they go to the public sites such as Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor. It can't prevent people going directly to those sites.  By asking all customers to put reviews into your RepurationHUB system, you'll likely minimize the number of people going direct to those review sites.

Does the ReputationHUB system notify me when a review is left by a customer?

Yes, you will receive an email from ALL reviews entered into the ReputationHUB system - both positive and negative reviews.  You will also receive notification from the online systems (Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor), of reviews left there.

Can the ReputationHUB system be setup to send reviews to multiple online review sites?

Yes,  the ReputationHUB system can be setup to allow customers to select their preferred online review system, e.g Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, or other online platforms that allow reviews.

We strongly recommend that you focus on one or two only.  That way, you'll build a collection of positive reviews quickly and won't confuse customers.

What if I don't have a Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor or Zomato page?

You should set them up ASAP!  Even if you decide not to use our system, this is of great value to your business and your online search visibility.  It's free and easy to set these up:

Google Business Page Setup:

Facebook Business Page Setup:

TripAdvisor Listing:

Do customers need a Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor account to leave reviews?

Yes, our system sends your customers to your own Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor pages (depending which you setup), AND they'll need their own accounts to leave a review.  If they don't have an account, they can set one up, but often, that will result in those customers not leaving a review.  Not every customer will leave a review and that's OK. Ask every customer, most will gladly leave you feedback.

Does the ReputationHUB system send reviews to the online review platforms?

No, the ReputationHUB system makes it easy for you to collect reviews and to send the customer to your online review pages, that you decide upon at setup.

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