Podcast Production Service

You have ideas and expertise to share with the world - our podcast production service will help you get that information to the people you serve.

Podcasting is an excellent way to promote your business, connect with influencers,
and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is also great fun!

You should have a podcast!
A podcast helps us clarify our thinking and share what's worth sharing. A podcast is a great chance to find your voice, and a marvelous excuse to reach out to people and have important conversations.

Seth Godin

Innovabiz can assist you with producing and publishing a podcast. You have ideas and expertise to share with the world - our podcast production service will help you get that information to the people you serve.

The Benefits of Publishing Your own Podcast

  • Be seen as the expert in your field
  • More visibility = more leads = more sales = more people you help
  • Become the Media
  • Reach a global audience
  • Increase your network
  • Build a targeted audience
  • Connect with other professionals
  • Ability to repurpose content - training courses, speaking, books, articles etc

Podcast Production Service

What we do:

  • Initial Setup
    • Strategy session with you (audience, show format and structure)
    • Episode planning session with you (content plan and schedule)
    • Twitter account setup for podcast
    • Facebook Group setup for podcast
    • Equipment advice
    • Podcast media hosting account setup
    • Podcast title, description, optimized for Search Engines added to podcast media hosting account
    • Show pre-roll and post-roll (music and voice) production
    • Podcast cover art production incl banners for social media accounts
    • Submit podcast to directories e.g. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Radio Public, Podbean, Castbox, etc
  • Per Episode
    • Edit the show to clean up audio and produce premium sound quality experience for listeners
    • Include pre-roll and post-roll (any required in-episode advertising or music post recording not included)
    • Uploading the audio file to the podcast host, including the required setup for the search engines and publish the episode
    • Write the show notes
    • Add show notes with featured image and podcast episode to a post on your website
    • 4 social media posts per episode to the podcast Twitter account and Facebook Group (incl graphics) as well as saved in Google Doc so you can share

What you do:

  • Decide what you want to say
  • Record your show (We can record with you via our SquadCast account)
  • Upload the recording to a shared Dropbox folder (If we record with you, we'll take care of this part too)
  • Enjoy your podcast
Podcast Production Service - Being a Podcast Guest

Podcast Production Service - Your investment:

  1. Setup - once off payment of $1650 (AUD incl GST) at the beginning of our work
  2. Monthly fee as follows (AUD incl GST):
Podcast Frequency Episode Length Monthly Fee
Weekly Up to 20 minutes $545
Weekly Up to 40 minutes $675
Weekly Up to 60 minutes $800
Fortnightly Up to 20 minutes $415
Fortnightly Up to 40 minutes $545
Fortnightly Up to 60 minutes $675
Monthly Up to 20 minutes $350
Monthly Up to 40 minutes $450
Monthly Up to 60 minutes $560

Podcast Production Service - Additional Options

Interview Support (to produce interview format - production as above, plus)

  • Identify guests - strategy (help grow your audience, potential prospects, potential partners)
  • Setup appointment calendar linked to your online calendar (third party software required at ca $US 15 per month)
  • We'll setup the appointments for you - using email templates we develop together, we'll follow up until we connect
  • We'll do some preliminary research for you on each guest and provide links to website, LinkedIn and other relevant information
  • Follow up emails with guests to let them know when episodes published
  • Social media tagging of guests (prompting them to share the episode)

Your investment for this add-on would be a monthly fee based on $75 per guest invitation


Conversation "Straightman"

You present your topic, but in a conversation with someone. Jürgen will be your "straightman" and would take the role of a curious live audience member, asking questions and prompting further discussion. The purpose would be just to mix the voices for variety to the audience and also to "be the voice of the audience".

Your investment for this add-on would be a monthly fee based on $130 -$195 per episode, depending on episode length.

(If you prefer to take a more hands on approach to the production aspects of your podcast and want to know how - see our Podcast Training Products

What our Podcast Audience and Guests Say

  • 5 star review  Jurgen was a pleasure to work with! Accessible, patient and smart. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    thumb Gigi Rosenberg

    5 star review  Jurgen is a thoughtful and insightful interviewer and business thinker. Well worth following!

    thumb Steve August

    5 star review  Jürgen is a smart and lovely chap. He uses his ears more than his mouth. And his passion for learning and sharing knowledge is admirable.

    thumb Dave Birss

    5 star review  Great podcast, Jurgen is a wonderful host. We had an awesome conversation that flowed so easily. It was an honour to be a guest on the show!

    thumb Sheila Sutherland
  • 5 star review  Loved my chat with Jurgen -- he knows his stuff when it comes to marketing services! Can't wait to spread it around.

    thumb Ilise Benun

    5 star review  Jurgen is a great interviewer making his guest comfortable and digging into point that would be of most benefit to his audience instead of using a script of questions. The whole experience has been one that I will not soon forget. Thank you Jurgen

    thumb Joe da Silva

    5 star review  Jurgen is a fabulous podcast host bringing out what's most interesting and practical for listeners to get the best experience from each guest.

    thumb Linda Ugelow

    5 star review  Had a terrific interview from Jurgen. A thoughtful and listening presenter who really cares about getting the most out of your for his listeners. I also liked the shorter innovation questions at the end:)

    thumb Simon Lamey The Big Apricot Marketing
  • 5 star review  Had a great conversation with Jurgen on his podcast and am really inspired by all the work he's doing to help small business owners!

    thumb Paula Rizzo

    5 star review  This morning I had the pleasure of listening to Jűrgen Strauss speak his brilliant words of wisdom. He made the material thought-provoking and the idea of implementing his advice to strengthen my online reputation is exciting. I'll always watch out for "wheel worms" where ever I dine now! Thank you. ?

    thumb Nicole Penning

    5 star review  What a delight being interviewed by Jurgen Strauss! I found him to be thoroughly prepared in his research and understanding of my business, talents, passions and purpose, asking questions that allowed me to share who I am authentically with his audience. He was compassionate, supportive and encouraging in his responses to my answers, always allowing me the time needed to fully express myself. The preparation before and follow-up after the interview were added bonuses to the experience. I give Jurgen and the Innovabuzz Podcast series 5 stars. Thank you Jurgen for the work you do to uplift and energize coaches and business professionals everywhere.

    thumb Ali Skylar

    5 star review  Jurgen's Podcast is informative and entertaining. Further, his passion for business, combined with his interest in life and learning makes him a great interviewer - I truly enjoyed being involved.

    thumb Daniel Davis
  • 5 star review  Jurgen and his team at Innovabiz are awesome! As a colleague in the industry I enjoy bouncing ideas around with him to help validate my thinking. I couldn't recommend him enough - work with him and you'll see what I mean.

    thumb David Jenyns

    5 star review  Smart, relevant and experienced - Jürgen knows his way around business, asks the right questions and knows where business owners need to focus most. Such a pleasure getting to know him and his show.

    thumb Stephanie Hayes

    5 star review  This was so much fun, you made it so easy! What a great experience!

    thumb Robyn Bennett

    5 star review  I was delighted to have a conversation with Jurgen Strauss, Innovabiz discussing the importance of and need to align ones values prior to goal setting and strategy building and implementation. Jurgen, as a gifted facilitator and teacher has you sharing your experiences and expertise for others to hear, yet at the same time you are learning more about your own role in the overall process. Thank you Jurgen.

    thumb Carol Metz Murray
  • 5 star review  Jürgen runs an incredible rich and useful podcast on innovation in business. I love how his approach focuses on conversation with his guests and going deep on the topics that arise. Highly recommended!

    thumb Tamsen Webster

    5 star review  They certainly are innovative! No problem too big or unsolvable! Love working with these guys. Very inspirational! I recently attended one of their short courses on creating your own Website as a lead generation platform. The information and expertise imparted completely changed my thinking on how I thought I wanted my website presented. Innovabiz were super supportive and readily available with advice and help before, during and after the fabulous course. Cant recommend them highly enough! Money well spent!

    thumb Angela McDonald

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