Attracting Your Ideal Clients

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Getting Really, Really Clear About Your Ideal Client Transforms Everything!

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Workshop Modules Overview

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Characteristics of Your Ideal Client

  • Demographics - what's really important
  • Building a long term relationship
  • Decision criteria - are they or are they not our ideal client

Behaviours of Your Ideal Client

  • What they love to do
  • What they spend money on and why
  • Their rituals, hobbies and routines

Your Ideal Client's Values and Beliefs

  • What motivates them and keeps them going
  • What inspires them, their mentors, their influencers
  • Identifying their ideal client

Your Ideal Client's Preferred Communication Method and Style

  • How to determine their communication styles
  • Matching your communication style to understand your ideal client
  • Finding out their decision making strategy

Your Ideal Client's Challenges, Wants and Needs

  • Identifying their fears, frustrations and pain points
  • Getting to their REAL core needs
  • Painting a picture of their ideal situation

Putting Together a Deep Understanding of Your Ideal Client

  • Comprehensive Ideal Client Profile and Character
  • Ideal Client Empathy Map
  • Your Message to Your Ideal Client

Find the smallest audience you can live with and delight them, focus on them and obsess over them. The result will be something amazing – you are going to get bigger, you’re going to have more impact.

Seth Godin

Become a Foundation Member and Gain Lifetime Access

just $US 197 (25 places available - get in quick!)