Content Production Service

More traffic to your website; more conversions to direct contact and personal meeting; streamlined contact flow and tracking.

Content Marketing is providing exceptionally useful information to your target audience and being as helpful as you possibly can


Innovabiz can assist you with producing and publishing your content. You have ideas and expertise to share with the world - our content production service will help you get that information to the people you serve.


We do this through creating educational information (blog posts, social media posts, curated content) your audience will love and offering them easy contact options.


We'll connect Calls to Action (phone us, contact us) to your email responder system, so that you can follow up with email campaigns and phone calls, and setup information gathering to qualify prospects as genuine leads.

We'll implement strategies to drive more traffic to the website so that the information will be seen by more potential leads.

We'll map out a contact flow path for incoming leads, to make sure everyone knows when they need to call the person, who else to inform and where to direct the person for best response.

Content Production Service

  • Regular blog posting and social media posting, with both original and curated information
  • Various targeted calls to action in blogs and other pages, getting phone contact leading to meetings for qualified leads; map out the contact follow up flow
  • Traffic generation and review system through Google My Business page optimisation

Building an audience of qualified leads using content is flexible, repeatable, scalable and allows you to build a relationship with your customers by sharing your knowledge.

Here’s the plan:


This sets the tone for everything else we need to do. If you post any less than once a week, you can of course create better quality content, but without the frequency, it’s hard to get off the ground. We recommend to start with one original article to your blog each week.

There are many reasons:

  • 52 chances for Google to pick your articles up in your first year alone.
  • More social media exposure.
  • More variety in your articles.
  • You can go deeper into subjects which solve specific problems and are therefore easier to rank for.


You might be thinking there’s no way you could come up with that many ideas but don’t worry. We have a process we take you through which should give us about 150-200 ideas to explore. You can choose the best 52 from there.

This is the same kind of process ghostwriters will take their clients through when writing their books.


It’s not just about pumping out articles you want to write though, this is about matching what your potential audience wants with what you can give them. Too many people try to do one or the other rather than doing both.


You don’t need to write anything, all you need to do is spend 1 hour each month with us and we will extract everything we need to produce 4 quality posts. We will send each one to you for review well in advance.

All graphics, photos and assets will be created by us. All you need to do time wise is budget that 1 hour phone call / meeting and the rest is on us.

Each article will be written in an easy to read manner, optimised for both SEO and for conversion.

Of course, if you have written material already prepared, we will work with that too.


Using your existing email list and social following as well as other means, such as Google My Business, and LinkedIn.


We'll setup calls to action on each blog and article, that lead to a specific action designed to generate qualified leads.


Content Production Process

Your First Full Article in 14 Days

With our Content Production Service

Just follow our lead, contribute when we need you to and for the rest of it, just put your feet up and let us do our thing.

This is a proven process used hundreds of times over a 10 year period to build loyal and active audiences. This is our bread and butter. I have no doubt whatsoever that we can do the same for you.

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Content Production Service:

Your Invesment


Based on 4 original blog posts per month of 300-400 words, including images, writing, posting and connecting to social media, setup and analytics, SEO optimised content.
$1,295 /month (AUD, GST Inclusive)


Compose Monthly Newsletter with your blog articles, podcast episodes and other assets (e.g. videos you have produced) and add to your email system for distribution to your email list.
$495 /month (AUD, GST Inclusive)

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