Safest Password Storage Device

Safest Password Storage Device

We are not yet in the age that we can just do a verbal command for our computers to switch on and log into our online accounts. Voice recognition might work in the future but what can we do now when there are already too many passwords to remember? We definitely need a password manager to safely and efficiently store these vital information. If you are seeking for the safest password storage device there is, read this:

10 Top Password Managers

By:  Dino Londis

In 2011, IBM predicted that in five years we will not be using passwords to access secure resources such as ATMs and PCs. Instead of entering a PIN or typing a username and password into a PC, we will simply look into a camera or speak a name into a microphone, because our eyes and voices are unique, IBM says.

Lastpass is still on the top spot and in fact judging from this article, no other security tools come after that  yet – at least as per this document. It might be far from the  speculated Biometric system described in the first few paragraphs but  it gives ease and peace of mind to users – being able to store their passwords safely and remembering only one major password. Very helpful indeed not only to web developers but also to private individuals owning numerous social media accounts. This is something that internet users must not take for granted.

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