Project Management Made Easier by Trello

Project Management Made Easier by Trello

Organizing projects based on priority and updating them regularly are common project management tasks. It will take time doing this manually but there are free management software tools you can choose from technical providers online that can help facilitate the job faster.  Among these options, Trello’s user-friendly procedure and simple but systematic structural functionality, which is mainly just drag and drop, are what make it popular not just to managers – but also to the rest of the operational team members who must be guided accordingly.   The system is arranged as a series of “cards”,  that can contain a whole range of information related to a particular activity, such as deadlines, task lists, project members, comments, attachments and more.  The social features of Trello make it well suited to working with teams.

Here’s a detailed documentation on its usage customized to fit their requirement from one of Trello’s major users, ManageWP:

Introducing Trello: The Reason Why ManageWP Doesn’t Need a Project Manager

By:  Vladimir Prelovac

ManageWP consists of fair number of teams: development, design, marketing, sales, product, mobile, quality assurance, support, and operations.  At this moment all of our teams have one thing in common — they use Trello. I can’t say that we have mastered this free tool (yet!), but I can’t imagine us functioning without it.

We at Innovabiz have been very excited as we see the progress of our projects at one glance from Trello. Like for example in our Project Review board, we have arranged side by side the list of websites under six columns starting from left to right as:

  • Priority 1
  • Priority 2
  • Priority 3
  • Hold
  • Maintenance
  • Planning/Research

Whereas on our Opportunities board, the six columns are labeled as:

  • Prospect
  • Proposal
  • Customer Won
  • Project Written
  • Lost
  • Ideas

So, when updating these useful information for the team to plan their priorities, all we have to do is drag each project to which column it should belong according to the present development. Easy and simple but indeed Trello enables us to deliver quality results on time.




Project Management Made Easier by Trello 5
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