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InnovaBuzz Episode #71 – Innovation – Turning the Tables

Innovation: Turning Tables

Innovation: Turning The Tables In this episode of the InnovaBuzz Podcast, Mavis Taguba from Innovabiz interviews Jürgen Strauss and guides him through The Buzz – our Innovation Round designed to help our audience be even more awesome. Find out how Jürgen answers the questions that he is usually on the asking side of in other…

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Episode #22 – Rossco Paddison of Heart Centred Money Makers

Rossco Paddison

In this episode number 22 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Rossco Paddison who is the founder of Heart Centred Money Makers,  shares with us his views about how passion and vision help business owners get clarity and be inspired to do more. Rossco has helped hundreds of business owners discover their true passion, develop their vision and then build…

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Episode #18 – Judy Robinett, Author and Power Networker

In this episode number 18 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Judy Robinett, author of “How to be a Power Connector”  and a Power Networker herself is giving out some great tips on networking.  She is the “woman with the titanium digital Rolodex” and has been profiled in Forbes, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Business Week just to name…

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Episode #3 – Ostrich Photography Innovation and Smart Business


In the third episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Innovabiz Founder, Jürgen Strauss relates one of his life experiences during his career, and describes how it has shaped his philosophy and drive around innovation, being a leader and continuing to learn and develop new and better ways of doing things.  Listen to the podcast to learn more about the story of the…

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