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Jamie Jay

Jaime Jay, Cultivating a Legendary Team Culture – InnovaBuzz 335

Jaime Jay talks about building culture in remote teams, the value of distant assistants and why documenting processes is important.

John Howe

John Howe, How to Make Better Decisions Despite Our Biases – InnovaBuzz 334

John Howe talks about behavioural economics, our biases in decision making and how they play out in business.

Karan Nijhawan

Karan Nijhawan, Events that Build Lasting Relationships – InnovaBuzz 333

Karan Nijhawan talks about organising events that build lasting relationships, making meaningful connections, and pivoting a business to virtual.

Sean Sheppard

Sean Sheppard, Why Innovations Fail and What You Can Do About It – InnovaBuzz 332

Sean Sheppard talks about why innovations fail, product-market fit, and the skills necessary to thrive in the knowledge economy.

Dave McKeown

Dave McKeown, Leading with Authenticity – InnovaBuzz 331

Dave McKeown talks about leading with authenticity and how relationships and humanity are core to true leadership.

Bruno Cignacco

Dr Bruno Cignacco, The Art of Compassionate Business – InnovaBuzz 330

Dr Bruno Cignacco talks about compassion and love in a business context and how to build long-term relationships through caring.

Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds – Creating and Distributing Stand-Out Content – InnovaBuzz 329

Ross Simmonds talks about how to create engaging and stand-out content, and how to then distribute that and repurpose that content.

Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick, Creating a Referable Brand – InnovaBuzz 328

Michael Roderick talks about creating a referable and memorable brand, and what businesses need to focus on to have their message resonate.

Janine Garner

Janine Garner, Be Brilliant – InnovaBuzz 327

Janine Garner talks about owning who you are and being brave to unleash your inner brilliance.