Alisdair McGill

Daphne Gray-Grant

Daphne Gray-Grant, How to Build a Happier and Healthier Writing Habit – InnovaBuzz 415

Daphne Gray-Grant talks about writing vs editing, how to build a healthy, happy writing habit, and the power of questions.

Bruce Craven

Bruce Craven, Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones – InnovaBuzz 414

Bruce Craven talks about leadership lessons from Game of Thrones, the importance of empathy in leadership, and how our values affect our leadership.

Brian Burkhart

Brian Burkhart, The Power of Embracing Your Core Beliefs – InnovaBuzz 413

Brian Burkhart talks about the power of embracing our core beliefs and using them to connect deeply with our ideal clients.

Attention Matters

[Podcast] – Why Our Attention Matters with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss talks about why attention matters in innovation and marketing on BBM’s radio’s Attention Matters with Alice Aspen March.

Eman Zabi

Eman Zabi, Exploring the Terrain: The Best Courses for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs – InnovaBuzz 412

Eman Zabi talks about high-quality and engaging online courses, and how Terrain makes it frictionless to complete courses and take action as a result.

Rusty Gaillard

Rusty Gaillard, How to Achieve Success That Matters Most to You – InnovaBuzz 411

Rusty Gaillard talks about creating and embracing your vision to success, and taking action to achieve it.

Oleg Lougheed

Oleg Lougheed, How to Overcome the Odds and Lead from Within – InnovaBuzz 410

Oleg Lougheed talks about overcoming the odds, sharing your story, and leading from within.

Alyea Sandovar

Alyea Sandovar, The Art and Science of Gamification in Business – InnovaBuzz 409

Alyea Sandovar talks about gamification being the combination of behavioural science, art, and design.

Veronica Shannon

Veronica Shannon, How to Turn Your Passion Into a Sustainable and Innovative Business – InnovaBuzz 408

Veronica Shannon talks about what drove her to start retub and how she turned it into a sustainable and innovative business.