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5 New Content Types to Try in 2013

Is there any reason why your customers should re-visit your website? Why not improvise some? You might be able to get more repeat customers if you consider the suggestions in this article:   5 New Content Types to Try in 2013 by Erika Karas “Break out the fireworks, shiny hats and confetti! It is time…


Website design vs. readymade templates!

Brilliant ready made web design templates are now readily available at affordable rates – so why customise still? This article says it all in a very straightforward manner!   Website design vs. readymade templates! by loveguru “When it comes to designing your website, there are a number of options. You could build a website from…

2013: What Does The Future of Mobile Marketing Hold?

2013: What Does The Future of Mobile Marketing Hold?

Are you already feeling the mobile marketing trend of 2013? Review this article closely to see if you are ready for the challenges and opportunities that your mobile website can bring for this year. This might be just predictions at the time of writing during the last days of 2012 but if you are into…


Web Design in 2013

It’s now 2013 – the year when smartphones become smarter but this does not mean that things will get too complicated. In fact, a simplified but technology-enhanced website will attract visitors better and can be very efficient when accessed by the more advanced mobile phone models. Let this article be your reminder for the necessary…

A Very Mobile New Year

A Very Mobile New Year

The season for giving definitely contributes to the surging statistics of mobile users. This means that there will be more demands from the mobile community after the New Year. Are you ready for this great opportunity? Perhaps this article can give you more insights on what you can do with your website to take advantage…

Holiday Tips for your Website

Holiday Tips for your Website

One simple holiday tweak can make a big difference when connecting with your customers especially when they have more time in surfing the web for their Christmas shopping. The addition of symbolic items accompanied by a timely jingle will just be as magical as any other alterations. However, if you have not done your holiday…


Mindmapping and Brainstorming Software

By: Jürgen Strauss I’ve just discovered a “new” (to me at least) online mindmapping tool that looks very interesting. It’s Flash (swf), which means it isn’t Mac-friendly, but for us Android geeks, that’s not such a problem! My first example:


LinkedIn Spam

By: Jürgen Strauss Imagine my surprise when I was notified via LinkedIn of no less than eleven new employees of my company !nnovabiz, 3 based in India, 3 in the USA, 1 in Australia (in addition to the current employees), 2 in the Philippines and 1 in the UAE! That is going to blow out…


Random Acts of Culture

By: Jürgen Strauss The Knight Foundation, based in the USA, was established about a year ago to promote informed and engaged communities. One of their initiatives involves using the arts to engage people and bring communities together. Recently they have staged a series of “Random Acts of Culture” in public places in US cities. Here…