Why Smart Manufacturing is Critical to Building a Sustainable Manufacturing Business

Why Smart Manufacturing is Critical to Building a Sustainable Manufacturing Business

Keith Nosbusch, CEO of Rockwell Automation said in the 2013 Smart Manufacturing Summit:

The combination of automation and information is the next wave of productivity. That seamless integration of the enterprise, the supply chain and the plant floor is becoming the next wave of competitive differentiation.

This article outlines the benefits of incorporating smart manufacturing techniques within a traditional manufacturing system and the benefits that can be achieved.  It also discussed the phases of implementation, that allows manufacturers to stage both the cost and changes involved in implementation of this new strategy.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

As every year, ASQ has released the 2013 Manufacturing Outlook Survey that was fielded to respondents in the aerospace, automotive, food, medical device, pharmaceutical and utility industries, among others.


The first phase is integration of current systems with smart technology in the manufacturing process – providing no room for expensive mistakes.   Secondly, product customisation and development driven by market demand results in faster time to market (commercial returns) without sacrificing quality.  Thirdly, through the use of modern IT, continuous improvement loops will be shorter and faster, enabling manufacturers to continue to produce products at the leading edge of their field, improving both their competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

Jürgen Strauss

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